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Tower of God - Part 3

Jun 5, 2023

I just love it! The world of Tower of God is so big and full of mysteries. The art improved really great but its still quite sad that SIU (the author) doesnt draw the chapters anymore, for those who dont know since mid s3 of the Manwha SIU got help with the pannels only half of em were actually drawn by him the reason for that is his condition I think he has back pain, that was the same reason Tower of God was on hiatus for a long time, since the hiatus his Team does the pannels on every chapter. My problem with that is how the art looks like, not because its bad but it looks like every other manwha, styleless. You can see how his Team tries their best to make an similar artstyle but cant really imitate it. Still the 3rd Season is great and I recommend it to everyone who loves mystery, big worlds, many diffrent characters and races, complex plot, pretty much everything One Piece like, its a long Story and if you like long storys like One Piece and the big three this is perfect for you!

10/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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