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OmniscientAristocrat Sep 1, 2017

I would feel honored to talk with you more. If it works well for you, then use my email [email protected]

OmniscientAristocrat Aug 23, 2017

After re-reading your review of Madoka, I feel like I understand what you are saying and agree entirely. I almost feel like an immature child who got defensive over their favorite anime, forgive me.

The good-vs-evil themed ending did not suit the ideas that were built up throughout Madokas first half at all. Having Madoka sacrifice herself rather than dying, a more suitable end, completely disregardes what we were told about what happens when their crystals are contaminated. Instead of having a sweet story where Homura wants to save Madoka, but fails and dies, we got a logic-defying movie that turned one into a god, and the other into the embodiment of evil.

Despite my change in perspective, I still think that the first half of Madoka is enough to prevent the ending alone from achieving a low score such as 2.

OmniscientAristocrat Aug 21, 2017

 I think worldview fits best with the characters category because it's about ones perspective of the world around them. I understand why you might think that worldview fits best with the story. A collision in the way two characters think about things is a good example of how worldview may affect plot.

On the other hand, I've seen many instances in which the protagonist has a strong image of the world around them and a lot of time is spent on molding their ideas through the use of background stories and other important events.

Some story lines may only explore the worldview of its characters and outside of those many dialogues there isn't much that is really happening plot-wise. A good example I could think of would be Evangelion. Many of the characters have a unique way of seeing things and conflict arises from it.

In a way, I guess worldview goes well with characters and story. For the most part, it depends on what the main focus is. That being characters development or plot development.

OmniscientAristocrat Aug 21, 2017

Hello DeepThought. I've been thinking about what you asked me and I can't quite understand what the question is. Would you be willing to reword it?

cycbrilu Jun 6, 2017

Just leave me a comment any time, if You want to exchange experiences with anime series, or simply talk! Will be waiting for info about your watching progres!