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Hi my name is David and I have been watching and reviewing anime for just over two years now. I reviewed films before reviewing anime, so my analysis and review of anime is similar to how I review and look at a film.

Here is my Youtube channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/pathofoblivion?feature=mhee - I review animes with the character 'Sex God', I portray him as someone with a really positive outlook on anime and (like me) he gets really emotional and sad easiler when watching animes that are build on sadness and depression; he reviews pratically any anime of any genre, from ecchi, to fantasy, to drama to comedy - whatever. The reviews are set in a way so the 'Sex God' character has a story ark through-out the review and there are other characters in the series, there are also many film references throughout the review, but I don't know if anyone will get them :)

What I mainly hate about most anime video reviewers is that they criticize animes based on there content, by that I mean 'fanservice' mainly the 'sexual fanservice', not the 'violent fanservice' no they're perfectly fine with that - so the 'Sex God' character only focuses on the aspects of story, character, animation, music ect with-out even lingering on that content much. I just got really annoyed with people who criticized Highschool of the Dead for it's 'sexual fanservice' despite all the death and violence in the anime - it's a double standard in anime reviewers that I find annoying.

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Kayla23400 Jan 14, 2015

Hi! Thanks for the reply! I figured it out a couple days after I left the comment. I will make sure to watch Fate/Zero after I finish Fate/Stay night! Thanks again for the reply! :)

Kayla23400 Dec 31, 2014

Hi! I saw that you had reviewed Fate/Stay Night series. I haven't watched the series yet because I don't know which season is the first or if the movie comes first. If you could tell me that wouldl be great! :)

Funkgun Feb 25, 2014

Hey man, ran across your video on shigurui a little while back, and lo and behold your here on the site! aces man.  Complete agreement here. 

Uncensored Jul 17, 2013

To be honest I thought you might be my friend David, which is why I asked. Wasnt, trying to sound passive aggresive, was just curious. Thank you though, Ill hopefully be doin some more reviews soon. But between work and college ive been quite busy >.<

Uncensored Jul 11, 2013

hey, do i know you?