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Contains light spoilers. Totally recommended. Morinaga at its finest. Since the story is set up in such a way that the couple is already a 'couple' from the start, there's no much worrying about 'but could we even date' and stuff like that, so it focuses more on their interactions and how their love for each other grows within that fake romance. Admittedly, Miu seemed to be in love with Fujiwara right from the start, as she admits later; and a bit more of time expanding on Fujiwara's point of view would have been amazing and I think was needed. Anyways, the fact that this is a one-volume story really helps Morinaga in getting the story across without infringing in too much drama (say, Girl Friends and those 2 volumes of pure drama, sometimes unnecessary; or, Hana & Hina After School, where the drama is quite well-handled and more complex, though). And so, the drama flows with the relationship and it's built within it until the climax which, honestly, was amazingly well-handled.

I would have liked more volumes, not to add more drama, but to explore their relationship a bit more, give Fujiwara's point of view, and maybe have them do some stuff after they get together for real.

The art is good, with Morinaga's characteristic art style. The characters are also really fun to see. Especially Miu's growth over the chapters (from wanting to be a perfect bride to realising her love for Fujiwara).

All in all, a must-read for any romance-yuri fan. Only 6 chapters and perfectly re-readable, so there's no excuse!

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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