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flyingmongoose Apr 21, 2015

Most of it was during high school. Grades suffered hard.

sandbecca Feb 25, 2015

Thank you so much

D Fragments fails to be really fun, I think I'll see it.

Here I have some examples of anime that I think you might like.

Nagi no Asukara - Super good anime, I cried when I have this anime.

Aquarion Evol - This is the second season, but I have not seen the first one. One can see the others first but I think you get more details if you see the first season only, but you can manage to see the other without the first one.

Magic - There is a second season and it's better than the first but the first is also good but not as good.

Kamisama Hajimemashita - There is a second season, which is not complete but hold on.

AKB0048 - This is the best anime when it comes to music and idol. there is a second season too.

Witchblade - This is a bit more action in but also a very good anime that you might like.

I love these animeer, they are among my top 55 of my list.


sandbecca Feb 24, 2015

Thank you so much for the suggestions.

But do you know about a great anime that all episodes are complete.

I'm trying to find one of those anime, I'm already looking at two animeer that are not complete and I'm going crazy that it takes so long for the next episode.

So if you know any good anime that is complete?

I'm fine, just a little bored because nothing happens or does not have anything to do now that I have no work right now. But it will be different at the end of March. So apart from that was kinda bored everything is fine and great.

How are you doing?

What do you do now?


sandbecca Feb 23, 2015


Again a long time since last time.

I'm so bored and I can not find anything good to see.

Can you give me one or two suggestions on super good and exciting anime.

Sadness, romance and adventure works too if you know someone who is worthy of 5 stars, hihihi.

Thank you so much :D