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Omar007 Feb 2, 2014

I'm not great at giving sugestions/recommendations but I'll give it a try :P

Darker than Black

To Aru Majutsu no Index & To Aru Kagaku no Railgun



Imo Steins;Gate is really good. I saw you have that on 'won't watch' though. I had some more in mind but you either have seen them already, want to watch them already or won't watch them ;)

If you don't know what to pick next from your 'want to watch' list, I'd suggest you take on either Shakugan no Shana, Code Geass, Deadman Wonderland or D. Gray-man (all but Code Geass are part of your favorite genres; part of the genres you set as favorite on A-P anyway ;) ).

Omar007 Feb 2, 2014

Yea I'm indeed watching Log Horizon and I really like it. Still hoping for SAO season 2 though; I also liked that quite a lot ^^

And I already plan on watching Fairy Tail, however as you can see my 'want to watch' list is rather huge so I'm pretty much at the point where I'm just randomly picking something from it when I need something new ;P

(I'm kind of getting lost in it atm and can't say for sure anymore which entry I added or not. I lost track of that when I crossed about 150-200 entries or something xD)

But I'll probably check out Fairy Tail as per your advice once I'm done with Railgun ;)

Omar007 Feb 2, 2014

Thank you. You have quite a list yourself ;)

Nice to see a fellow Dutchy as well ;D

sandbecca Oct 27, 2013


How are you doing?