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Digimon is one of those anime that I've seen when I was a kid and I originally decided to re-watch this show out of nostalgia. HOWEVER, rather than watching English dubbbed version as I did when I was kid, I searched the deep world of the internet and found Japanese (fan)subbed version. Keep in mind that I'm reviewing Japanese version of Digimon Adventures not that dumbed down, censored by 4Kids (company that is notorious for censoring anime) English version.

Story: 6 (almost good)

The story beggins with 7 kids in summer camp when suddenly it starts snowing (in the middle of summer) and some weird objects fall from sky. Children get sucked into some weird wave and they wake up in Digital World. Kids meet creatures called Digimon and are attacked by one. So that was Episode 1 in a nutshell.

The start is rather weak and first arc may seem a bit slow-paced but it's nessecary for introducing all characters. The show picks up at second arc and continues to get better as the story progresses.

The story itself is decent but the most interesting thing for me was seeing how characters become more mature and learn to overcome many difficulties.

And just think about it. Seven kids all alone in strange unknown world. The age of group ranges from 8 to 16 years old but most of the characters were about 11 or 12. They need to learn how to survive and more importantly find way home.

The bad thing about the story was this constant use of deus ex machina trick which basically means sudden problem solving without making any sence. Example: If a character is about to die the he either must die or have a slow recovery and NOT be healed by friendship and/or become stronger than ever. This trick is so overused in shonen anime, Bleach being the best example. It gets really annoying towards the end.

Animation: 7 (good)

Digimon use this unusual style for backgrounds which seemed to be coloured with watercolours. Overall the animation seemed good and keep in mind it's year 1999 anime. A slight CG use in Agumon's and Gabumon's Perfect and Ultimate (or Ultimate and Mega for ENG version) evolotion scenes, however the CG looked decent and didn't ruin the experience for me.

Sound: 8 (great)

Now this is where Japanese version prevails over English one. The soundtrack used conists from both cheerful melodies and sad compositions. The songs used were great just so great that it makes me even more mad that it all was gone from English version. Human voices are a lot better in Japanese, however, if it comes to Digimon voices I somehow prefer English dub. The problem with Japanese digimon voices was that they sounded way too human while English voice cast did try to make them more...digimon(?)

Characters: 6 (above average)

May seem nothing special at first. Seven (later eight) different kids with different personalities. They have their certain growth and chemistry between them. Watching last episode and looking back to beggining you really understand that the characters have become more mature and overcome many diffculities

It's easy to get attached to minor characters like Wizardmon and sympathise with children parents which I didn't notice when I was a kid.

The problem is the villains. While they have their charisma and Devimon, Vamdemon (Myotisimon) and Piemon (Piedmon) become my favourites for some reason, they all (except the last one) lacked motivation. Why did they want to control or destroy digital world? Because they were evil. That's it. Now, I understand that it's kids anime and essentially it's just a story about good vs evil but c'mon! The villains had no real motivation to do that all except the very last evil digimon who kids encountered. Only he gave an explanation for his actions.

Overall: 7 (good)

It has it's strong and weak points and while it is targeted at kids, I belive only at mature age you can aprecciate Digimon Adventures to it's full potential. I strongly advise to go for Japanese version because it's more emotional, uncensored and makes more sence. Rewatching Digimon Adventures I noticed so many aspects about it what I wasn't aware of when I was kid.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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FreddyCrab Jan 11, 2012

Hi, really enjoyed your review! ^^ When watching Digimon myself out of nostalgia I watched the 4Kids dub, so I'm curious: What differences are there between the original/fan dubbed Digimon and the 4Kids version? :) Being a big Digimon fan I'd love to watch the original Digimon to see if its for more mature viewers but I'm not sure if its worth re-watching all over again :D Could you help me out please? ^^ Cheers :P

MordredMS Aug 11, 2011

I believe I have never thanked you for your comment on my review for this anime, so I will do it now by commenting on yours. ^^I really liked your review because, even if I slighly disagree with some points, I can clearly see you know what you're talking about and everything you've said is backed up by facts, so any difference of opinion is a matter of personal priorities and preferences. For example, you're absolutely right in taking notice of the flatness of the villains ("I do it all because I'm evil"), but I simply thought that their charisma and the depth of the human characters were more than enough to compensate for it.Even though there are some slight English mistakes, great review! ^^By the way, I read you're from Europe...may I ask what country you're from? I'm Italian...