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I Love Anime!!! It all started with yu-gi-oh, digimon, pokemon and all the other basic ones everyone watched if you were a kid in 1990-2000s, but I became properly engrossed in anime after fullmetal alchemist from there I just couldn't stop. I'm not good at rating anime because I'm to biased...so sorry about that 😅😅😅. P. S. I HATE CHIBI STYLE AND PICTURE DRAMA ANIMES!!!!! 

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Danielfwright Jan 24, 2022

You to and good anime choices I see we are peas of a pod :D

KaitoReina Jan 23, 2022

hey :) I followed you because of what you said about the full metal alchemist above your profile. I loved it because it's kind of philosophic in my opinion. I also loved Re zero, Dororo, hxh, AOT, and Made in abyss for the very same reason. I see you have watched quite a bit of anime and that makes me jealous. it's nice to know you :)