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Yours to Claim

Oct 12, 2021


I'm not exactly going to write the whole storyline here but I'm gonna tell you my opinion about this manhwa.

So, I've just finished reading this manhwa to the latest chapter and I realized that there are so many people talking shit about the REAL male lead, Yahwi, while there are a lot of people trying to protect the SECOND male lead, Cain.

Please read this manhwa more carefully and try to be more open minded. Yahwi, the real male lead, might be a jerk and selfish but he changed for the MAIN character of this manhwa, Jooin. Yahwi tried so hard to change but Jooin kept on hurting him this time with his thoughtless and hurtful words. And I don't understand why people is trying to say that Cain should be the main lead just because he is nice to Jooin.

First, Cain TRICKED Jooin and second, if he didn't appeared in this manhwa, then I'm sure that Yahwi and Jooin would have been together HAPPILY EVER AFTER. And also, even though Jooin already knew that he got tricked by Cain, he DIDN'T care. Cain even forced himself on Jooin when he was sick!

So I don't understand why people is trying so hard to protect Cain.

The storyline is overall good but I'm just angry at how the readers are talking very badly about Yahwi. They need to read the manhwa till the end to know the reason why the characters did what they did.

I very much recommend everyone to read this manhwa but please be more kind and try to understand the reason why each characters did what they did in the manhwa.

I'm just sad at how readers cannot see who IS the REAL bad character in the manhwa.

If you think more carefully, you will know who I'm talking about. Just wanted to let you know, the person I'm talking about is not Cain. He is mean as well but not as mean as the person I'm talking about :)

That's all from me, please enjoy the manhwa!!!

8.5/10 story
10/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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