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Just a nigga who likes anime.  (I am Black by the way)

Well I guess i should write a quick bio so folks know who i am. My name is Dakarma on here at least. . My first anime was Dragon ball z but what really got me into anime was Ponyo. My favorite genres of anime are Comedy, Shounen and sports. Yeah thats basically it. Anyways onto my ranking system 

0.5- Trash Never watching it again I dont even know why I finished it. 

1 or 1.5- It is trash but good trash. But still trash 

2 or 2.5-Its not Trash but It isnt good. Its reasonable. pretty much mid.

3 or 3.5- Better than Mid but not the best.(Probably had ups and downs more downs than ups)  

4 or 4.5- Its good. I did enjoy it. likely to watch again .

5- The best thing on the planet. I would watch every time I get the chance(rare for me)


They Just like me fr. 

Image result for leorio gif Image result for jotaro kujo gifImage result for levi beating up eren gifspike spiegel cowboy bebop gif | Cowboy bebop, Bebop, Cowboy bebop anime   Death Note Eating GIF by VIZ - Find & Share on GIPHYJan Suk | Tumblr | Monster art, Aesthetic anime, Anime   Zoro And Sanji GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY Brook One Piece GIF - Brook OnePiece GIFs


The best lil niggas 

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Special ladies :)

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That is it for now...

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Hatorii Apr 15, 2021

hello thank you! you have a very nice profile yourself 

Yeah I heard a lot of good things about black clover, i'll definitly try to start watching it 

Have you watched anything good recently?

Tsukushi Apr 3, 2021

Hope you're having a good day/night

LaLeona Mar 25, 2021

I really wanna watch both of those anime. What do you like about them?

LaLeona Mar 16, 2021

That's good! I'm good as well. What's your favorite anime?

10JQKA Mar 8, 2021

Cheers for the follow, I also followed you back!

Thanks for your recs!! HxH is actually an anime I'm stalling rn, but it's very good! The other two I checked and they seemed to be goos too, so I added them to my 'want to watch' list

Hope you have a nice day!