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Grizz Sep 16, 2019

No Problemo. Be warned though, their other themes that them unique within the zombie genre are polar opposites. Steampunk vs Ecchi. A peek at your list suggests little interest in Ecchi so i'd suggest taking up Kabaneri and perhaps not Highschool of the Dead.

Piekny Sep 5, 2019

Thank You :)

Anastasia39 Sep 3, 2019

Maaf kak, ini saya pengguna baru

Untuk anime planet gimana cara baca komiknya ya, saya bingung mau bacanya

UchihaNaruto Aug 20, 2019

I am not able to view anime on my mobile. The media player is not even starting. Please help me out with this.

Weebospotted Aug 19, 2019

Hi its very nice to meet you i have a question that me and many other people keep asking you how do you read the manga on this site i dont know if im just blind but i really cant seem to find any place were you could read it please tell us ;-;