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I'm a recent college graduate of Winona State University with a BS in Recreation and Tourism and a minor in Adventure Tourism. I began actually watching anime around the age of 15, when I was a high school freshmen. Sadly to say my first anime was Inuyasha. I saw it on Cartoon Network, and it was enough to get me hooked. While I was watching Inuyasha I really started to get into the common anime like Trigun, Bebop ect. From there I moved into more abstract and anime. I like to think that my taste for anime has gotten better and more "refined" but I still am a sucker for Naruto (what can I say I like Ninjas). I can't watch any of the anime on Adult Swim now and 99% of the time I enjoy Japanese with English subtitles. I'm brand new to the community here so I'd love to make a few friends. Thanks for coming to my page and I hope to talk to you soon.

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wolfangel87 Mar 6, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!  ^_^

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Happy 23 ^_^

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Happy Birthday! *gives you a balloon*

KatDJZ Mar 5, 2009
Happy Birthday! ^_^
Exhale Mar 5, 2009

Happy Birthday!