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I grew up with the original Cardcaptors back in the late 90s, and have rewatched it every 5 years or so since then, so I was happy to hear that they were going to do a new series for the twentith anniversary but man was I disappointed. I couldn't finish the series it was so boring.

  • Every episode just feels so rushed which is odd because every episode is longer at around 25 min then the original which was around 19 min.
  • In the original, the clow cards (and Eli's monsters) had the feeling that they could kill Sakura if she slips up. These clear cards just don't have the feeling of menace or that they are putting Sakura in danger. I know she's pretty battle hardened at this point but she hasn't, by her own statements, used her powers in awhile so it should have taken her a few episodes to get into the groove again
  • Syaoran was absolutely worthless and his voice is shit. He did nothing for the longest time. The knight who always is suppose to be there for Sakura (BECAUSE HE LOVES HER) and he's barely in this series for the longerst time. WTF!!! His voice is really bad too with no fire or emotion or masculinity that he had back then. Yes I know, he's mellowed out since season 1 but come on that is no excuse for this performance. If you didn't want to have him be what he was in season 3, look at what he was in Tsubasa and transplant that Syaoran over to the new series
  • This is defineatly coming from someone who prefers the feel of the original but the sound and atmosphere created in this series is far to magical girl and far to cute that it really takes you out of the card of the week which adds to the above point of the cards not being a threat.

On the positive side,

  • The animation is really stepped up

Overall this series (from what I watched), just plain sucked and is best worth skipping unless you are a hardcore diehard Cardcaptor fan

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
4/10 overall

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