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Mewkledreamy Mix!

Aug 20, 2021

When I did the review of Mewkledreamy season one, I was so convinced that the story premise was sooooo thin that the full season would be 13 episodes max.  Break into a few dreams, make people happy, frustrate the bejabbers out of Yuni, allow Hagi and Tsugi to be petty annoyances ... done.  I was wrong.  Mewkledreamy created a season of a full forty-eight episodes.  They expanded the cast, offering good back stories for most such as a budding comedian/model and a master of robotics.  Created a couple love triangles, played on an innocent girl's emotions to betray her own noble purpose, proved the strength of those under-rated childhood friendships, and brought peace between the sisters who ruled the king queendoms of Dream and Nightmare, and spun a few horrible phantasms on their heads.  Great fare for the really young set.

What do you do to up that game?  Call it Mewkledreamy Mix.  There is a thing about the second season.  You may try to meet expectations, surpass expectations, or blow the audience away with something spectacular.  Or ... you may fail to meet any of this stuff.  This is the dangers of the second try.

Mewkledreamy Mix offers the same cast with a slightly altered formula and a readjusted team of Nightmare advocates.  While Asahi is still hesitant about confessing his love for Yume, he is now part of the Dream Synchro team.  Along with the cat plushies of the first season, the second season adds a kitten plushie, Chia, who is Yume and Mew's responsibility; motherhood is war (but a nice war with smiles, and laughs, and pleasant chit-chat ... go figure)!  While the sisters of the Dreamy Kingdom are best of siblings, the enterprise of inflicting victims with Black Abysses has changed hands from Haruhito to younger brother Akihito as a new girl named Akumu is out to spread nightmares enlists Akihito’s aid to create a virtual reality of the nightmarish.

But the target audience remains the very young and the young at heart (that would be ... me).  The banter is fast-paced humor embedded in episodes which place the five second-years in comedic scenes of camping, shopping, school issues ... whatever kids could laugh at.  The black cat plushie Yuni continues to bungle through his encounters (that’s why black cats are unlucky), but he is improving.  There will come a time in the episode where Yume must garner some audience participation from the kiddies at home to activate the Dreamy Rain-bow (can you say 'Cheerful?' ... I knew you could).  The dream scenarios are still the most colorful, imaginative, and just wacky portions of the 24-minute binge.

The music and sound are just built on the first season, expanding the wonder of the dream world, and how just being comfortable with the dreams we have set for ourselves.

10/10 story
9.5/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.8/10 overall
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