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How do I explain the transition from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Season Two to the first of the two OVA’s meant to offer some sense of resolution, Tokyo Revelations?  Think along these lines.  Have a simple plot just walking along, minding its own business.  A gang of hoodlums swing into the attack.  The plot is  turned on head, beaten and  bloodied a little ... no, make that bloodied a lot.  With a violent body-slam the plot writhes in pain.  The plot-referee happens to pass by and says, 'No foul here.  Play on!’  This becomes the best metaphor of what I could explain the passing of TRC to Tokyo Revelations.

With a humble air of befuddlement, I present to you Tokyo Revelations, or the answer to the question, with whom has Sakura been out on a quasi-date for those two seasons of TRC?  If you thought Syaoran … hah!  And the boy floating in Fei-Wang Reed's bubble-machine?  Syaoran's clone?  Foooooooool!

Thanks to darciel who noted that anyone could get lost in this resolution if they don't read the manga for the portions that happened beyond season two.  Tokyo Revelations seeks to unify the group who will now discover the basis for their common destiny.   The quest for Sakura's feathers binds the four more closely than one would expect.  Kurogane seeks his mother’s killer.  Fay would escape the man who would exploit his magical powers.  Syaoran wishes to regain Sakura’s memories, even if his part will be purged from them.  Sakura would love being less of that helpless amnesiac.

Setting is important in any story, and, as you might guess, this time it’s Tokyo.  But this city is in ruins, destroyed by a harsh apocalyptic world where acid rain erodes everything and resources as water are in scarce supply and viciously protected by the survivors.  In the first two episodes, Sakura is fighting to emerge from a coma-like state.  In this world Sakura sees faces from unknown places, her father, brother, friend Yukito, Clow Reed, Tomoyo ... but to her, all unknown entities.  Yet she can't escape her coma even though a friendly voice prompts her to do so.

The boy from Fei-Wang's booth escapes and invades this God-forsaken world of Tokyo devastated.  In the melee which his clone causes, Fay becomes a special victim, losing an eye so that the clone can reclaim vision in his lost eye.  The clone would have dispatched Fay completely, except for the appearance of Kurogane.  The clone batters the ninja and is finally driven off by the vampire Kamui who has come to Tokyo to rescue his brother Subaru.  The one they thought was Syaoran was on the search for the magic feathers to aid Fei-Wang's efforts to travel across the realms.  Now that he has been discovered, he retreats to Fei Wong's lair.  The true Syaoran, fresh escaped from Reed's den, wears clothes which bear the markings of the sword which slew Kurogane's mother.

Sakura emerges from her coma to see the two Syaorans battle, and she appeals for them to stop.  The clone departs, leaving the sanctuary where the survivors of the ecological onslaught are now imperiled.  Their security was based on the power of the Sakura-feather, now taken by the clone.  Sakura agrees to go on a hazardous journey to reclaim the power which will preserve the frail supports for the beleaguered Tokyo.  This is a quest which Sakura must go on alone, thanks to the terms of the Dimensional Witch, Yuko.  The effort nearly destroys Sakura, but, led by the vision of the fourth-grade Sakura Kinomoto, Sakura staggers back to her friends.  With the new Sakura-feather, the hopes for a restoration of a viable environment can begin.  But for the TRC gang, their quest continues.  Kurogane knows the identity of his mother's killer.  Fei Wong Reed.  Fay is drained of a good share of his magical power, but being powerless would make him free of Reed's schemes to keep him captive.  Knowing that any further jumping about the realms could assist Fei Wong's plans, the party is still ready to take the quest forward.

The plot becomes overly complicated and confusing, but such is the tight, intricate storylines of CLAMP.  Ingenious story-telling.  If nothing else, this could be a recommendation to read the manga.  Animes have their inspirations, and this OVA, perplexing as it was, was beyond inspired.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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