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Let me rephrase this.

Most fatally toxic and unsatisfying ending ever!

I mean, it was thrilling as all out can be.   The last three-episode encounter with Chaos (which is pronounced ‘cows,’ if spoken briskly and you clip the hiss of the 's'), a near-divine being stronger than Kurogane, whose magic is more powerful than Fay's, and, most importantly, more devoted to Sakura than Syaoran in seeking out her quest (ah, that poignant moment when Sakura is frantically mouthing 'I love you' while a clearly confused Syaoran cannot comply).  The discovery that, although Chaos is composed of Sakura-feathers, the feathers he gives Sakura are fraudulent.  The hopeless battle which Syaoran is prepared to offer.  We are only inches away from uncorking the mystery boy in Fei-Wang Reed's bottle ... all this in hopes for season three?

Epic fail!

Let me rephrase this.


I’ve often claimed the strength of the characters developed in Cardcaptor Sakura and how they transferred into Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.  This gets tested in season two.  The characters in TRC2 are too similar to those in CCS.  We did not see Prof. Kinomoto in season one as Sakura’s royal father.  But, he gets life in TSC as Syaoran’s archaeologist father.  But, in season two, Prof. Kinomoto does appear as Princess Sakura’s royal dad.  Confused?  I was.  Tomoyo takes on her camera-toting personality in the first three episodes of TSC2.  Toya and Yukito pop in as royal prince and prince’s advisor in Sakura’s last memory … her wish to travel and be escorted by her AWOL friend what’s-his-name (Syaoran’s price to undergo world-hopping is his banishment from Sakura’s memories).  And, what's up with Mokona and Kero battling the forces of darkness (reminds me of some off-beat struggle like Abbott and Costello battles the forces of evil ... maybe the Marx Bros vs. the sinister malevolence of the underworld?).  That bizarre episode pairing Mokona and Kero ... same effect.  What was that?

The character design continued to retread.  Classic example: the villainous Tambal and his son Brugal.  In season one, the pair terrorized the village they had taken control of with one of Sakura’s feathers.  In season two:  Tambal was an honest sea-captain who saved Syaoran and his gang and assisted in advancing the quest.  Thank goodness Brugal played a bully-ruler powered by a Sakura-feather.  Also, it seemed no new realms were being explored.  Just a lot of revisiting prior realms.

The main characters, well developed as they are, have reached a point of crisis in season two.  I appreciated the back-story of Kurogane.  Fay takes on persona of lacheln-teufel (laughing devil).  He could be humorous to a point of recklessness.  Kurogane's complaint that he needs to be more serious seemed to jive with what was wrong with the plot.  He needs to escape from someone, and we learn much too late how dangerous that man is … and how closely attached Kurogane is to that man in his own personal grief.

This gets us back to the ending, and the three reasons it was unsatisfying:  1) the quaint defeat of god-like Chaos and the momentary linkage with the boy in the bottle ... peculiarities much like the Sakura movies where the Cardcaptor is up against a superior opponent and yet triumphs somehow.  2) the thought that Kurogane has that the Sakura feather quest could go on endlessly, and that still pleases Kurogane’s adventuresome spirit.  What about getting back to Princess Tomoyo?;  3) Mokona's faint-hearted farewell ... nothing like Mokona's salutation after season one.  Then the cartoonish TRC gang gives a final see-you-soon.

No third season. 

Not to worry.  There will be two OVAs which will attempt to tie up the loose ends.  Manga readers will have a better handle on the ins and outs of how all things proceed from this point.  But this gives me this feeling that one will not be ready for TRC: Tokyo Revelations and Spring Thunder.

Most unsatisfying ending ever.  A season that roared massively and imaginatively ... to a thud!

7/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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