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Jul 29, 2022

Once you get past the disappointment that none of the cast of the three-season Working!! phenom appear in this short 13-episode run of www.Working!! which appeared one year after the original series concluded (2016), you have new love affairs to laugh at.  Well, I would hold that Hana Miyakoshi resembles Mahiru Inami sans the 'mosquito bites' reference.  But the secret of giving www.Working!! a fair chance is to put all those cute people of the 2010-2015 anime behind you and try to find the kawaii in the new cast.

The only thing that one can find familiar is the setting, another one of those Wagnaria Family Restaurants and the miracle of franchise duplication.  That and the theme of girl meets guy and despite all odds, love blooms.  Maybe a little withering of the bud before the blossom, but perseverance helps.

Three romances are there for your entertainment.  First, Daisuke Higashida and Hana Miyakoshi, or the poisoner and her victim.  Honestly, Hana tries to improve her cooking skills, but her chocolates have sent Daisuke into several near-death experiences where he gets timely (or, out-of-timely) advise on love and relationships from St. Valentine.  The amiable bishop steers both Daisuke and Hana to better understand that the stomach is not necessarily the best path to the heart.

Then Sayuri Muranushi and Masahiro Adachi, the would-be exorcist with the mysterious charming smile and the poor sap who falls for girl, grin and all.  Sayuri does double duty as contact person with two girls with prospects of building a love triangle, one interested in Daisuke, the other trying to understand Sayuri's faltering efforts to land Adachi.

Finally, the love story that would light up Wall Street, Shiho Kamakura and Yuta Shindo.  She the creditor, he the debtor.  Shiho uses this advantage over Yuta for simple sadistic pleasure.  But then we learn two things.  First, the actual debt was raised by Yuta's irresponsible father.  Second, Shiho once confessed her love for Yuta several years back.  But the Kamakura financial group puts the pressure on the deadbeat dad at the same time Yuta regrets his refusal of Shiho.  Still, one wonders how much influence money would have on cases like this.

The animation style is that of Working!! with no real innovations.  The music has always been a highpoint with the Working!! projects, though the two themes of www.Working!! does not have that same appeal.  It's like trying to work the formula one time too many.  You're happy that all these romances get some level of resolution.  You're probably happier there wasn't a second season.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.2/10 overall
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