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Maybe I'm impatient, but I really wanted to see the story advance from season one.

But perhaps my definition of 'advance' was impractical.  Stories can move in a number of ways, and it need not follow your whims.  For me, it was a desire for the Yurucamp girls to move beyond cold weather camping to take on the other seasons.  Maybe it was the third OVA of the 2018 season where the girls are trapped on a deserted island.  Warm weather, no chance for foggy breath to be the main animation trend.  But all thirteen episodes inched us to March with steam rolling from Nadeshiko's mouth becoming nigh to file footage.  I’m from Wisconsin, and this time of year, we Nordiques start looking forward to Spring.  That look of smog-breath gets us down after a while.

But the 2021 season did offer great adventures even with that touch of chill in the air.

Nadeshiko makes her first go at solo-camping (under the watchful eye of nervous Rin and Toba-Sensei).

Aoi, Chiaki, and Ena nearly succumb to hypothermia (and worse) in an ill-planned winter camping outing.

Rin learns how deep the love of motor-biking is in her family (of course, grandpa [voiced by the man who played the narrator, the sage master of all things rustic and majestic], but ... mom too?).

The Outdoor Activities Club make the journey to the Izu Peninsula to take in the twelve geospots which make this part of Japan so attractive (and little Akari got to see those capybaras soaking in their private hot spring).

And the effect of iyashikei kept the action down to a minimum, so there was always the danger of the plot dragging and getting dull.  Therefore, you had to keep an eye out for the gorgeous scenery that just pops.  This was one of the secrets of Yurucamp 2.  C-Station improved on the CGI over those three years between productions.  Not just the motion of vehicular traffic (an obvious use of CG), but the glorious panorama of the mountaintops the girls visited, particularly in the visit to Izu (why do anime companies keep their best stuff for the last episodes?).

The music also had the soft, lilting, airy style appropriate for iyashikei.  Good chance that the Laid-Back Camp movie coming out this year won't budge off the slow-pace which makes it an enjoyable kick-back-relax viewing.

Why should it?

9/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.7/10 overall
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