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I am DBZAOTA482, a gamer, cartoon enthusiast,& an aspired writer and artist. I have been fond of anime ever since the Toonami weekday line-up in the early-2000's, you know, when they showed stuff like Yu Yu Hakusho, G Gundam, Zoid, Sailor Moon, Hamtaro(don't blame me, I was very young then),& Dragon Ball Z. I've search and search from channel to channel to find an anime that I'd enjoy;some good, some bad. My search-for-finding-new-nime-to-watch-problems has been solved - via the Internet.

How I review.....pretty much everything:

My reviews intend to be both a viable and entertaining(with a few laughs here and there) read. I usually start by talking about the title's status in the industry, then I start talking about how well or poorly a title handles certain aspects in the fields of Story, Animation, Sound, Character. After all that, I state the verdict on how it stacks up and the overall score is given. I try my best to rate given title the score it deserves and I make sure I've completed it or atleast watched a huge chunk of it, it doesn't matter if it's good or bad, I'll review it.

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Jtier Apr 17, 2011

Not necessarily unoriginal, but one-dimensional. I understand the target audience was for pre-teens, but I absolutely abhor the formula. Especially the "evolution" formula where the character gains a "new" ability. When in retrospect, was simply the same move, but bigger. I don't consider him one of the first archetypal shounen leads either, I consider him to be the most popular early shounen leads. Popular titles tend to get overrated as there's a lot of "hype" surrounding such series, not to mention the nostalgia. I understand this fanatism, I love Bleach and One Piece, but we also have to understand that there are flaws to the characters, rather than mindlessly defending them on every point--which many fans do.