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Why, you ask?


Joking, couldn't care less. Feel free to just look around this nasty place I call profile.


So yeah.

Here starts the actual real bio, let's leave all that fucking cringe behind. Like goddamn my 14 y/o self really outdid himself with the text above this one. Damn. Anyway. I'm just a really mdfkin dumb 17 y/o kid, born in December 2004, in Barcelona, who has been enjoying manga since... let's not say since when, because it's quite embarrassing. I just started recently, let's leave it at that. So I'm just starting to build up my manga/anime base.

I enjoy playing videogames, though I suck at them and I haven't really played any classics. Like, the thing that approaches more to a classic is CS:GO, Heroes and Generals or LoL (Sion, Tahm Kench and Swain, top waifus. Just look at them). But I'm fucking addicted to videogames. Pls help.

Credit: @kyvhe

I also enjoy nerdy things like Marvel, Star Wars, etc... that kind of stuff. Now, you might come to me saying "Those ain't nerdy things". And I will tell you: "Yes, of course they aren't. Now. But let me tell you this... 7 years ago, kids my age thought that those things were nerdy. Source: trust me". Okay holy fuck I'm coming off as a "i'm an alternative kid you wouldn't understand it" HAHAHA. Perfect, I would say.

Huh... what more. Oh yeah! I play the piano, and to be specific, brazilian jazz. Mainly because classical music gets boring after 10 years playing that shit over and over. Still, I love all kinds of music, from classical music to more... modern music from nowadays (but like more indie stuff ig (yooooo once again, the "i'm an alternative kid you woudln't understand it" vibe, I'm really out here becoming cringe, perfect)). 

Oh and obviously... I love manga and anime! (mostly manga, as you can see below).

So I have told you my hobbies and now what... My studies! I'm a graduate of the IB (THANK GOD I CAN SAY THAT HOLY SHIT, since it was a living hell). In case that you are wondering what the International Baccalaureate is, well, it's too complicated to explain it quickly. Here, the official page, if you want to see for yourself. Currently though, I am studying a degree on Industrial Technologies Engineering, and goddamn this shit is hard dude. Like seriously I picked it cuz I thought this shit gonna be easy. I was wrong LMAO.


My Discord in case you wanna hit me up for some strange reason: D4RK S3NS3I#8094

And there are no more ways to contact me ;D


Here begins the more anime/manga stuff. Not so much bout me, but rather bout the shit I have enjoyed so far idk


These are the 1st and every 50th series I have watched/read




How do my ratings work?

They don't. Simple as that. They don't work lmao. But like, if I had to say...

(Keep in mind that these ratings include the .5 ratings too i.e. the rating of 4 includes all 4 and 4.5 star ratings. It's just that I can't fucking find half-star unicode, so yeah. Gotta be scuffed)



Some extra random information (not up to date like AT ALL LOL):

Number of chapters read (not including series that I have read more than one time nor series that I'm currently reading):

10368 total chapters + 35 volumes with unidentified amount of chapters



PD: You will probably find me in empty forums of specific manga discussions starting with "After reading this". Just ignore me, you will not miss anything important


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mayakoko Oct 27, 2022

i just saw this omg. thank u for the sweet msg <3 and yes girlbosses are the best

Kangarooo Oct 8, 2022

Heyyy my turn to take awhile now to respond lol. Love the tradition. How have you been?

EarthboundMisfit Sep 26, 2022

Thanks for the welcome😁

Newbee7 Aug 13, 2022

Hey! I'm having problems reading. There is no button to click on to open the books.

vjtatakae Jul 12, 2022

Hii! Thank you so much for the link to The Girl From the Other Side!!