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Hey, I'm just a normal NEET okay? Don't judge me -_-

Actually, just kidding, I'm still going to school.



Look how many weebs have visited this page!

And I don't know why the fuck they have, but meh, whatever. 



Oh, and don't forget to follow me here!

And maybe post a comment to let me know that you have been here.

Why, you ask?


Joking, couldn't care less. Feel free to just look around this nasty place I call profile.


So yeah.

Here starts the actual real bio, let's leave all that stupid crap behind. I'm just a silly 16 y/o teenager, born in December 2004, in Barcelona (and still living!), Catalunya, who has been enjoying manga since... let's not say since when, because it's quite embarrassing. I just started recently, let's leave it at that. So I'm just starting to build up my manga/anime base.

I enjoy playing videogames, though I suck at them and I haven't really played any classics. Like, the thing that approaches more to a classic is CS:GO, Heroes and Generals or LoL (Sion, Tahm Kench and Swain, top waifus. Just look at them). But I'm fucking addicted to videogames. Pls help.

Credit: @kyvhe

I also enjoy nerdy things like Marvel, Star Wars, etc... that kind of stuff. Now, you might come to me saying "Those ain't nerdy things". And I will tell you: "Yes, of course they aren't. Now. But let me tell you this... 7 years ago, kids my age thought that those things were nerdy. Trust me". Now they are mainstream, but fuck, who cares? I still love those things.

Huh... what more. Oh yeah! I play the piano, and to be specific, brazilian jazz. Mainly because classical music gets boring after 10 years playing that shit over and over. Still, I love all kinds of music, from the classical music (only Bach though) to music from nowadays (but like more indie stuff ig). 


Oh and obviously... I love manga and anime! (mostly manga, as you can see below).

So I have told you my hobbies and now what... My studies! I go to 2nd grade of the International Baccalaureate, which would equival to 12th grade in the US. And it's a living hell, trust me. In case that you are wondering what the International Baccalaureate is, well, it's too complicated to explain it here. Sorry? Here, the official page, if you want to see for yourself.

Meanwhile, my goal is to be able to study Maths&Physics, or one of them separately, outside of Spain, somewhere in the UK or US, dunno. But with my current grades... I doubt I will achieve this dream. So I will just settle for engineer, just like my father!

Finally, let me tell you this. I never, ever, take anything seriously. Ever. I promise. I love all kinds of humour, from green to dark. SO SEND YOUR MEMES NOW AHHHHHH


My Discord in case you wanna hit me up for some strange reason: D4RK S3NS3I#8094

And there are no more ways to contact me ;D (actually yes, pretty much all my social medias are called D4RK S3NS3I, D4RK_S3NS3I or D4RKS3NS3I, in this order of preference and always the same pfp, if possible heheh)


Here begins the more anime/manga stuff. Not so much bout me, but rather bout the shit I have enjoyed so far idk


These are the 1st and every 50th series I have watched/read




How do my ratings work?

They don't. Simple as that. They don't work lmao. But like, if I had to say...

(Keep in mind that these ratings include the .5 ratings too i.e. the rating of 4 includes all 4 and 4.5 star ratings. It's just that I can't fucking find half-star unicode, so yeah. Gotta be scuffed)



Some extra random information:

Number of chapters read (not including series that I have read more than one time nor series that I'm currently reading):

10368 total chapters + 35 volumes with unidentified amount of chapters



PD: You will probably find me in empty forums of specific manga discussions starting with "After reading this". Just ignore me, you will not miss anything important


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LUCIIIIII Apr 10, 2021

Hola Dark! Perdon por la tarde respuesta, estuve procrastinando mucho y también pasando demasiado tiempo viendo anime lol haha

"Yo soy el hijo perdido de Dora la Exploradora"

Hala ¿enserio? que maravilla, esverdad ahora lo recuerdo la señora Dora Exploradora, le había puesto los cuernos una vez a su marido Bota "el mono azul". Encantado de conocerte primo perdido en las junglas del Amazonas ^^

Oh thank you so much, now I don't have to worry about furries they really were quite scary when they were existing, but I- is the death rate really high on earth rn I feel like they are way too many cars, and truck-kuns who didn't get their drivers

Thank you very much sir have a nice day too :)

Kyooi Apr 9, 2021


blissinapricot Apr 9, 2021

According to google translate, that meant: "It doesn't matter, you know what? I will start speaking in Spanish right now! So we practice even before! Great idea, don't you think?"

Smh don't give my brain another subject to learn early, I have exams in about 3 weeks from now so- brain= dead.

LMAOO congratulations, you've stated the right country out of the four you've listed! Here's your trophy 🏆 now go do your hw. 

You get your energy from hugs? *Virtually hugs you hehe* I agree, I'd die of cringe too if I hugged my family. Unfortunately, I crave and dislike physical touch and affection rip.

ALSO idk why it took me so long to notice that you're currently doing IB (according to your bio). On a scale of 1-10, how bad is it (1 being the least and 10 being the most)? I'm doing IB in around July after I finish my IGCSE Boards, which starts in less than a month from now AAAAAHHHHH

Yeah you answered a week later HMPH.

LaLeona Apr 9, 2021

Oh umm... It was my response to you saying you're either a creep or a stalker and I called you a cutie. I'm sorry, I'll leave you alone. I didn't mean to weird you out.

Kyooi Apr 9, 2021

You are smart 0-0