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Friend Line

Jul 16, 2020

I actually liked how this Yaoi manga gave the seme and uke a chance to have a heart to heart conversation. Normally in some Yaoi manga, you see the seme and uke going straight into "it" and not bother getting to know each other. In this one, you do. Basically the uke is going through an abusive relationship and the seme is pretty much there to support him by telling him to break up with the guy who is abusing him. I'm also glad the seme wasn't pushy towards the uke, he was pretty laid but you could see that he was obviously more concerned for the ukes safety. As a reader, it is sad to see someone like the uke go through domestic abuse and feel that he should cling onto that person for the sake of their desire. It is even upsetting that this type of abuse unfortunately happens in real life.

If you have been affected by domestic abuse in your life please please go to .  Remember no one should be treated like dirt for someones sick actions!!!

?/10 story
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7/10 overall
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