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Lethal Romance

Feb 25, 2023

Well I certainly didn't think both romance slice of life and samurai action would mix in together but damn, this story was truly a treat. You can see that the author worked hard on making the typical cliches of the genres into sorta funny segments (they can be a hit or miss) . The story is fast paced but you do get the idea of which characters are who so at least I wasn't lost too much in the story. I liked how the author made Yubi as a strong woman character who just wants to kick butt on those who killed her father whereas we see Shinwoo as a typical shoujo "Yubi-lovesick" ML.  I also liked the dog shown in this manhwa like he is so friggin cute and he's based on a chihuahua! (Thought he was a Yorkshire terrier at first but nvm)

Every action scene is so well done. However  I do wish the author though gave thought on the Daehyob character in terms of not making him known as only "the annoying side character". I wanted him to be more likeable than be a pointless character to the story tbh. I also thought the bad guys in this were pointless too, they be destructive and then they just disappear like nothing happens in the first place. 

Look I found the story addicting even with little shortcomings. If you like your action and romance blending in together, then look no further by checking this manwha out!

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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