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trapqueen Aug 18, 2019

never heard of them, why?

StanOfFandom Aug 10, 2019

Well Rui isn't, the staff of the anime classify Rui as a crossdresser.

If you didn't do any research on the character then I think you shouldn't be going around and accusing others of being transphobic, or something similar, blindly.

I'd advise you to do research, think before you speak, and before starting random quarrels with others. You can't go around declaring things if you don't actually know anything about the subject.

Since this discussion has been cleared up, I think we should close it. Don't you agree? Have a nice day.

StanOfFandom Aug 10, 2019

I see no point in getting worked up over a mix up.

To clarify, I have only seen the first season of Gatchaman Crowds once, a while back. From my recollection, Rui hadn't used any female pronouns, when not Load nor do I remember Rui feeling uncomfortable when referred to as a male. If I recall correctly, the staff for the show never referred to Rui as female. If my memory was wrong, then I don't mind fixing the issue. 

Have you seen Gatchaman Crowds yourself?

Starra Aug 2, 2019

Because it was a shell added by a mod who's not familiar with the series. If you have character requests, please use the respective threads on the forum and provide canonical evidence. In this case, it's been changed, but we're most likely not gonna see comments on character entry pages.

StanOfFandom Jul 25, 2019

I never use the word "trap" in a derogatory way. I don't refer to trans people as "traps" but for crossdressers. I think people have used it as a derogatory term so much for trans that I think that don't think of it for it's original meaning. It is sad that the people who do use it as slur, do it as way of saying trans people aren't legitimate but that was not my intention.

To me, trap means cross-dresser and not for trans