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Ok lets get this over with. First of all there will be spoilers so SPOILER ALERT PEOPLE! at first when i saw this show, i was honestly excited to see it come out, BUT then when i watched through the whole show i was not all that happy and stuff or sad, because usually im sad or happy when an anime i watch finishes either because i liked the show and was happy with the story or sad because i just finished an anime and have nothing to watch, but when this show ended i honestly was debating what i felt because i felt nothing for this show at the end. If you like reverse harems this show ehh well it is but, its not really all that much like others. The story mainly focuses on Cardia and Lupin, so its not your typical Reverse harem where everyone gets lots of character development throughout different episodes. Another thing that bothered me was the way the two were in love, its great they (SPOILER IN CASE YOU HAVENT WATCHED AND ARE STILL HERE WHICH I DONT KNOW WHY) got married and all but on the earlier episodes Lupin said he liked her but he honestly didnt really show it and nor did Cardia. Normally when you like someone heres what you do: show signs of jealousy when their with someone else, blush when they smile at you say something nice to you etc. While lupin sometimes said that to her and wanted tp see her or whatever i wasnt really feeling like they liked each other, well maybe i was a little but at the same time i wasn't idk maybe its just me but i sorta felt the two of them were pretty rushed and thats one reason why this is different from other harems, at first i felt like this was going to be a LEGIT harem that sorta slipped away as soon i began watching later episodes. Another that really bothered me was the fact that it looked like there was really going to be some epic moments or cool and awesome, but unfortunately they all just when away from this when it looked like they could have done something cool. Heres some highlights of the show

Animation looked ok i liked it sometimes, but most of the time i didnt because it looked pretty different for an anime, i do like unique things though of course, but this was like some game art or whatever i know this an otome game, but the art looked really umm well too gameish and not anime for me.

Sound for me though was top notch. The voices werent too slow,fast,low or too loud. I thought that was great because i have watched anime where there voicing sync was terrible but this was great honestly.

As for the characters i didnt really feel much character development except for dracula and cardia dracula changed  just a little bit throughout the show he was very set on revenge for his family and hated van for killing them, but as the show went on he wasnt really interested in killing van anymore and was actually beginning to accept him. Cardias characters liked because she was kinda dumb at first which was totally understandable, unlike some other female mcs who are just totally dumb without reason, however cardia was locked away in some dark mansion for a long time and was told she was a monster by others, and even though she wasnt on that mansion all her life when she wasnt in there she didnt really learn about other stuff i dont think, so i get why shes dumb, but at the same time she changes throughout the show, she also becomes reliable and can fight so her character development was cool i guess since she wasnt dumb the enitre show but the other characters showed liked zero sign of change i wouldnt call lupin liking cardia change because he was still the same even when he did like her. As for the other characters they change not one bit.

Overall i feel like this show was pretty OK or meh i feel like it couldve been better if they just had more character development,storyline,action and detail, if they did that it probably would have been a better show. Some ppl may like i dont know.

4.5/10 story
5/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
4/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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