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This isn't a horrible show, and I can see this going far. But this also is a big see it done that type of thing. With that in mind I think it is still worth it.

NOTE: The first ep isn't a good reflection on what the overall show is like. The first ep was great and if it stuck with how that was. It would've been a 10 or close to it. 

Anyways, this show is basically another over powered person goes to another world and gets a ton of girls to follow him and wanting to sleep with him. It plays on the assassin theme which is actually interesting. And it focuses on the journey more than the end of it where the OP is there to kill someone (you get this info in the first or 2 ep). But the problem is, I seen hundreds of times or more a similar thing where OP goes into some medieval time, he is overpowered, he gets a ton of girls wanting to sleep with him, and maybe he is good at making money or has some natural way of getting it. And while this one takes itself a bit more serious. At the end, there isn't anything in it that makes it stand out outside of the end mission.

With that being said, this season doesn't have a lot of good anime so it stands out as a great one. But in an average season, I don't think it would be on most radar outside of those like me who like isekai. (NOTE late 2021 IMO there is only a handful of good anime to watch. But there is gaps in the days. Where in a normal season there tends to be something at least every day.)

8/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
8/10 overall

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