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Nov 8, 2019

Note, this will have some spoilers within it.

This in my opinion is worth while to watch. I'm not going to get into the about of the show since you most likely already know that due to how popular it is. But, I will get into some good vs bad things within the show.


  • It uses real science (but note the bad)
  • Some of the science it uses you can do right now.
  • It has a decent story so far.


  • Some of the science used in the show is impossible at the current stages. Like it would take way too long, or there would have to be too much luck involved.
  • A lot of this show is more about luck. Like how the main person didn't get attack before bringing others back, how they found the right things at times, and so on.
  • At points it skips or uses a worse way of doing things. Like we are at EP 19 right now, and the main person wants to do grand things. This is fine, but he is still using manpower to create heat, electricity, and so on. I'm wondering why hasn't he made a steam engine yet. That or a small power plant. For those of you who doesn't know, most power plants more than less use steam to turn stuff to make electricity. If you use coal, nuclear, or whatever for heat. That doesn't matter as long as you can control the heat, water being heated, and output of electricity.
  • One of my biggest problems is he has god like knowledge of almost everything, and how those who populated the island before him [EP 17] didn't do squat when it came to modernizing. Like that makes even less sense because the island they were on is obviously swimming distance to Japan. The people who came to the island, they lived when all the machines were usable. By the time the main person came back, he shouldn't been in the stone age.
  • Going off the last thing, this is a huge problem that needs to be looked at. When the main person's dad brought his crew to the island. From the video it looked like the island was in the middle of nowhere. However, roughly 3,000 years later it's throwing distance from mainland Japan. A basic look up, the island should've moved about 1 inch per year. That's about 0.047 miles or 250 feet within the 3,000 years. Even if it was several miles away, this means they would visually be able to see Japan. And even if it was all woods in the area, are you telling me they didn't explore to find supplies? For those of you who don't know, at night if you're away from cities. The sky glows around cities (even more when there is clouds). Since the street lights should've been working for a good while, and it honestly doesn't take much for this effect to happen. This means they would've easily be able to find the nearest cities. This would've also meant they would've had an easy way of curing the pneumonia that killed the 1 women and maybe a few others. And since the technology was still workable (maybe anything with a battery at that point would be drained, because lets just give them a few months as wiggle room). They would've easily be able to use the technology to make things they needed right then and there. Like one of the first is a easy way to make your own energy. That or they could've taken a bunch of solar panels and that would've lasted them for about 15-25 years. Following this, they could've kept inventing things to help for when humans came back. (NOTE the story they past down)



Now why am I giving it a high score after saying all of that. It's because compared to everything else that is out there. This is some of the best we have, and it's easy to ignore plot holes like I mentioned. I mean that is unless if you work/ed in it. But I personally can tell you it's still easy to overlook the plot holes.

9.8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
9.7/10 overall
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AntonioLI25 Dec 22, 2019

With all the bad things you pointed out, that overall score is inconsistent.