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Plastic Memories

Nov 4, 2019

So this could've easily gotten a high 9 or 10. But, the plot holes kinda hurt the overall a great bit.

The overall story is, some guy works at some robot company. He teams up with a girl robot to terminate other robots. In the story, after a number of years of existing robots go crazy and try to hurt everything around them (which is why they do what they do). Also after a given second, the robots can use their full strength. (It should be noted it sounds like the company still sells these robots)

Beyond that it is a simple guy and girl falling for each other, guy finding out the girl will die, and them having to deal with it. This is pretty obvious during the first epsoide.

Now, if we leave it at that then it's good. However, even your grandmother knows you can backup and restore stuff. They don't explain exactly why the robots get crazy after x amount of time (which they can basically say at this second the robot will start to go nuts). 
If the problem is a hardware problem (like how many GB is being used). Then they can simply backup and upgrade. That or delete any information that is useless. I'm sure the robot doesn't need to know how many times you sat down last Monday. 

If the problem is software, then again backup and upgrade. 

And then if you have some know how in the tech world, this plot hole gets bigger. Such a thing would never be legal in the real world. And if somehow robots did go nuts after x amount of time. Then there would be some software/hardware time active kill switch. 

What they should've done is made it where the robot wasn't a robot, but maybe someone infected with nanobots or cancer. As I mentioned, the plot holes massively hurt this show.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
9.8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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