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Note: There has only been 9 ep out on this as of writing this. But I have a good feeling things won't change by that much.

I'm not going to get into what this is about since the description does a good job. But to start with, this is pretty hard to see as a herem. The "romance" comes off in a highly believable way. In fact, I'm up to ep 8 right now and none of the women really has flat out fought any other women for the guy, said they love him, or anything like that.

The guy however hasn't shown the slightest of wanting to be with them. Like he is treating this as a purely professional job. And this is one thing I wouldn't buy since he is in high school, and no parents are around while he is at the girls house. Keep in mind you're talking about hormones and lack of experience in a teenagers body. I mean sure he wouldn't be sleeping with them. But he would've question or tried to see if the girls or one of them are interested in him. Keep in mind, maybe it is a cultural thing.

There is also other small things that bugs me. The main guy's sister having to basically take care of herself and cook/clean (she looks like she would barely be able to see over the counter). And again this could be a cultural difference. But there is even spots where it showed where the brother is in fact in school. And she called him from home. So is she home schooled? If so, who is the teacher? Is she skipping class? 

Again that could be a cultural or legal difference between here in the USA and Japan. And what I'm getting at is this show, while it is good. There is a number of these small things that doesn't translate well into the USA. At least for someone who isn't from or really care about living in Japan. Like I would imagine in many places it's the same where it doesn't translate well.

There is a few other times where something is off. For example, there has been 2 or 3 times where the girls would try to trick someone. But they all have different hair color. It's hard to say if this is for us and that away it's to say who is who. Or maybe their hair color really is different from one another. In fact, based on this you can figure out who the guy is getting married to.

My other problem with this show is it's kinda slow and can be a tad boring. I found its good to wait for 2 or more episodes to come out before watching it. But obviously this will differ from person to person.

Lastly, my other problem gets into this show following the stereotype person. Where you get an all or nothing. Like you get an all or nothing tom boy, mean girl, and so on. Yes some of the girls have some depth. But most don't. Like the shy girl and the slacker (even more the shy girl) has a layer of depth that is worth it (while the other is shallow). But the others are a all or nothing. Like if you scratch the surface you will only find 1 or maybe 2 personality traits.

In my opinion, this is nothing more than a good time kill. Maybe it's worth it if you're into sitcom stuff 

6/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
6/10 overall

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Crescent1776 Oct 14, 2020

Your review was great but about your comment on the hair in their world all their hair looks the same its just different in the anime so you can tell who is who.

NingenJanai Mar 30, 2019

Awesome review. I agree with most of your opinions. I just finished watching the last episode and let me tell you if you're expecting some kind of ending you'll be disappointed. However I'd rate this 5 out 10 instead of 6. 

Wakasagihime Mar 11, 2019

I'm conflicted about what you said about the protagonist not being a horny teenager though. While it's true it doesn't make complete sense, harems and rom com already have a STRONG tendency to have overly retarded hormone blasted teenagers. It gets tiring to watch the same gimmick play out, so I personally appreciate that the protagonist isn't gungho about getting laid. In fact it plays largely into the stronger part of the show which is it's comedy for me at least.

Other than that though, a fairly accurate and good review.