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Now, as an original novel fan I am going to move aside my instinctive fangirl away and critique this anime on what it may look like to a person who has never heard of the novel.

First the animation. when episode 1 came out I was like, okay, if hoaliners keep this up, its gonna top mdzs. Ep 1 was too good to be true. But then ep 2 came out with the corpse brides moving in a weird 2D animation style, I thought, WTF. While some parts are an example of near-perfect animation, other places make me go Not to mention there had been talks of a plagiarism incident in ep9. 

Next the sound effects. I think the sound effects are the best part of the anime. The background music keeps changing constantly with the mood and it make the emotions almost boom out the screen. Srsly, the sound effects throughout the anime killed me.

Next the story and the characters. Now, for people who haven't read the novel, the anime plot will appear pretty random and without a goal. I guess it cant be helped unless S2 comes out and things start gaining a pattern. But as i novel reader, i think the anime did a good job of sticking to the plot unlike MDZS. BY changing the plot, they made MDZS more exciting but, its also the reason why we didn't see a MDZS S3 this year. THere's only so much of the charm of the story u can maintain by changing it the way mdzs was changed.

I am keeping high hopes for S2 which has already been confirmed. Also, Hoaliners always had a bad habit of spicing things up too much and it shows clearly in TGCF lol. 

Overall its a very interesting watch and its definitely recommended for everyone. 

10/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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