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Beryl and Sapphire

Jul 30, 2020

None of the animes I have watched have left me such a screaming pile of emotions. There is something about Beryl and Sapphire that will bring out emotions from you even if aren't much of an emotion showing person. It will make you laugh, cry and bite your nails in equal amount.

Beryl and Sapphire is comprised on 72 episodes with stories both independent and continuing. They show how Beryl and Sapphire two mutually attarcted people are drawn towards each other in different lives that span worlds and lifetimes. The short stories are usually 10 mins short cute episodes that show unrequited love, pining, freindship , events which we can relate to your daily live and such. Some of them dont even have our main charecters , Beryl and Sapphire but they are enough to leave you roaring with laughter.

Interspersed between these are some big stories. These are main deal with 26 min episodes. It always takes more than one episodes and you find the the story continuing after some short episodes over. But pray do not try to skip and watch. Parts of the big stories are sometimes in 10 min episodes as well.  

The best and biggest story in the Robot-Arc. I wont say more, it will ruin the fun. Go watch it. It's worth it.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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