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                                                      Megumin                           * I can't decide which one is the best girl *                Yotsuba Nakano



Not so long ago I didn't know anything about anime. After six months of long persuasion, my friend (DogNamedPancake on the anime planet)

finally convinced me to start watching it. That’s how it started and now I can’t imagine a day without at least one episode of anime.

I don't have certain genres, I like to watch everything. When I'm tired and i want to chill out

I like to watch some romance, school life, slice of life and things like that. 

Also what I like about anime is the very good music and openings.


These are some of my favorite openings:

                     - Black Clover op 3                          - Noragami Aragoto                    - Domestic girlfriend                          -Jujutsu Kaisen


                     - Attack on Titan op 3                         - Demon Slayer                                 - Gangsta.                          - My Hero Academia op 3 


                                 - The QQ op 2              - Attack on Titan - Jiyuu Tsubasa         - Black Clover op 13                  - Fairy Tail op 24




  Here is a link to my own playlist of all my favorite openings :)  



After a year of watching anime, these are my TOP 3 anime:


So let's start from my favorite anime, Jujutsu Kaisen

                                      Openings and endings                                                                                                      Charcters 

       Opening 1 (Kaikai Kitan)          Ending 1 (Lost in Paradise)                                                                      My favorite characters


       Opening 2 (Vivid Vice)                 Ending 2 (Give it Back)                                                                          Other cool characters



Jujutsu Kaisen very fast became my favorite anime. When i saw first couple of episodes i already knew it, this is my favorite anime. So what i actually like about it. First, from the  begining i really liked this whole world with curses in it and jujutsu sorcers who fight with them. Concept of this anime is not that different from any other battle shounen anime, but when i'm watching this it feels different. Second, characters in this show are something that i absolutely love (especially Gojou, who became my favorite character from all anime). Nobody is anoying, at least for me, everybody has their unique personality, their own source of power... At last but not least, animation and music in this show is something that you must see and listen to actually feel it. Mappa did a very good job with this show. I don't want to go too deep in this because of possible spoilers, but in short this is what i like about Jujutsu and why it is my favorite anime. 



Second anime on my TOP 3 list is Attack on Titan

Openings and endings 

              Opening 1                                        Ending 1                                                                            Opening 2                                       Ending 2


             Opening 3                                   Ending 3                                                                                                Opening 4                                Ending 4


             Opening 5                                   Ending 5                                                                                                 Opening 6                                 Ending 6         




                                     My favorite characters                                                                                                          Other cool characters                                                                                                            


What to say about AoT. For me this anime is something really special. It was one of my first anime I watched and recently I rewatched it, and it is still that good. I feel like I can watch this anime all day and it's not going to bore me. Story of this anime is so good. Everything make sense, world is build up really good, we are introduced to characters and their suffering, it's like we can feel all of their emotions from the screen. Animation is beautiful, i can't explane how i excatlly feel when i'm watch this show but I really, really like it. Characters are pretty good, but there are couple of them that I didn't like. Music is very good, sometimes maybe too loud but that doesn't bother me. I really enjoyed watching this, this is show i can watch anytime anywhere... Lets finish this with "SHINZOU WO SASAGEYO"!!



                                                                                                   3rd anime on the list is Grand Blue                                                                                                                                                    

               Opening                                    Ending                                                                                            Characters that i liked



Grand Blue is the only one anime where I laughed through whole episode. This anime is so funny. Story is nothing special, but characters, situations in which they find themselves, jokes are really funny. Every episode is fun and this is anime you will not going to regret watching it. This is my favorite "chill" anime and I can watch it anytime.



Some of my favorite anime (not in a specific order):


Attack on Titan



Grand Blue



Food Wars






Demon Slayer






Fairy Tail



The Quintessential Quintuplets




- Anime that I really enjoyed and I can gladly recommend it to anyone ( I'll sort them by the "genres" I like the most )



                                                                                              Favorite male characters:

                          Anos Voldigoad                                                       Yato                                                          Satoru Gojou      


                                    Levi                                                         Naofumi Iwatani                                                Itachi Uchiha                        


                          Osamu Dazai                                          Kazuma Satou                                                      Natsu Dragneel





                                                                                              Favorite female characters:

                          Alice Nakiri                                                       Chisa Kotegawa                                                   Megumin


                       Erza Scarlet                                                          Erina Nakiri                                                   Mikasa Ackermann


                       Raphtalia                                                         Nino Nakano                                                     Yotsuba Nakano




I really can't stand these characters (they don't deserve GIFs :P):




Manga section

 I recently started reading manga and I can say that I like it. Like I said, I'm just getting started, feel free to leave some recommendations for good manga :)

I'm currently reading:




This is my opinion of grades and how i give them:

* 5 - I really enjoyed in this anime, i dont have any objections and i can rewatch it any time.

* 4.5 - I pretty much enjoyed in this anime but usually there is something that i didn't like in it (fillers, something about characters, plot, story or things like that).

* 4 - I like this anime but i didn't enjoy all the time, there was something that i didn't like so i give it 4.

* 3.5 - This anime was nothing special, i don't like it so much, you can give it a chance if you want, maybe you will like it.

* 3 - I personally don't like this anime, if you want give it a chance, but i didn't like it.

22.5 - I'll just say that i don't like this anime and i don't recommend it to anyone.

0.511.5 - For a long time i thought that I will not give one from these grades to any anime, because i thought that anime can't be that bad... Well there is first time for everything, i guess.. I'll just say, don't watch this anime, It's just wasting of time and nerves.  


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i see you have a similiar anime and manga list to me (from the number of watched ones) im following u rn :)

thegirlontheclouds Apr 4, 2022

My pleasure to make your day better! :)

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hvala bro

Zweci Mar 16, 2022

izadji is kuce nekad mato

RobinRoshiki Feb 27, 2022

Oh ok, sure! Good luck with it, and can contact me any time here if u needed help for the ideas.