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MiniMeoww Mar 28, 2020

What's a good debate if it doesn't get aggressive?

I've found black holes interesting ever since I was 8. At that time, I got so obsessed that I ended up researching all about the formation and destruction of stars, conditions required for the formation of black holes and the types of black holes even though I didn't understand a thing. XD. When they finally got a picture of a black hole, I was jumping through the roof with excitement. It's amazing how even light can't escape the pull off the black holes. Personally, I believe there's a whole another world inside black holes with its own laws that we can't even imagine.

The one electron hypothesis basically says that there's exactly ONE electron in the entire universe that travels back and forth in time managing to be present at different places at the exact same time. I have to say, this is kind of bonkers. But, it certainly is interesting to think about.

I don't even know where to start when talking about extraterrestrial life. I certainly belive that there are life forms somewhere in the universe. But definitely not the way it is portrayed in movies. Intelligent life forms may exist, but they do not have to look like us or even think like us. For all we know, they might just be smart blobs.

MiniMeoww Mar 28, 2020

Perhaps it would be best if we dropped our debate on Ciel and Lizzy's compatibility as it's getting nowhere. I still don't ship them but I agree on their compatibility.

You just offered me a new viewpoint on Juvia's character. I was merely enjoying the show until you pointed out the setbacks. I'm more than happy to look at things from a different perspective and reconsider my opinions.

It doesn't seem like the isolation is going to end anytime soon here either. Exams are being cancelled in all schools here too, but I can't escape. I just HAVE to finish my last exam. It's true that start gazing is quite banal but when everything else is worse, it's a little calming. I find the concept of dark/anti matter and the one electron hypothesis very intriguing. I also like to speculate on the working of black holes and life on other planets.

Venosaurka Mar 28, 2020

Don’t apologize for late replies! I also tend to reply late.

I’m fine right now, even through current circumstances affect my life a lot. Thanks! What about you?

I noticed that you added Killing Stalking to your want to read list. I binged it few months ago and it was really bad, but first few chapters were really interesting and smae goes to characters.

I hate Junko and Naegi, but I also dislike Touko and Kyouko. I also don’t know how to feel about Chiaki, she is just mary sue in Danganronpa 3 anime, but I heard that she is much better in games.

I understand why Naruto had so many fans, the entire Naruto universe was really interesting and fights in it are still one of the best in all of shonen. However, the amount of hype the series get to this day is just something that I just can’t understand, even through I still feel strong nostalgia for entire series and strong love for two characters (Madara Uchiha and Tobirama Senju). BNHA doesn’t deserve any of its hype through and S4 is just trash.

Btw, what anime are you planning to watch from spring season?

MiniMeoww Mar 28, 2020

If I actually analysed stuff, I could come to the same conclusion as you have. Since I don't, I only have opinions on the matter. I can see that you have put a lot of thought on their ship. And theoretically I have to accept that they are a good ship. Personally, not so much because I'm more of a feel based person than a thought based person. And so, since I feel that they are a bad ship, no matter how much I think, they will be a bad ship in my head. Can't help it. Don't get so worked up over this as it is only a personal opinion and I agree with you that they do make a good ship after analysing a bit. 

I also agree that Juvia's character is not something you laugh at. Honestly, it's a little sad. It's just that I never gave it much thought until now and was able to laugh at it. Now that I think about it, is pathetic really. This is why I don't overthink stuff as it just takes the fun away. But I guess sometimes you have to think stuff over and lose the fun in it for an honest and proper review. Since I'm not planning on reviewing any anime any time soon, I'll keep my thoughts to myself and not overly think about things. If and when I review an anime, I'll make sure to analyse the characters and plot and give an unbiased review.

I used to be in the astrophysics club. So, I've done my fair share of research and kept up with NASA for quite a while. I don't do any of those now though. Mostly because of a lack of time than a lack of interest. I still like to take part in astronomical events though. I've got a mini telescope. So, whenever I feel bored or out of sorts, I just go and look at the stars. It's boring and interesting at the same time somehow.

It's nice to hear that you're doing fine. No one's left the house for a whole week and we're just managing with the stuff in our house. My parents are working from home, so that's one problem solved. I don't have online school or anything really. The only annoying thing is that, I had one last exam to finish all of my schooling and it's been postponed for an indefinite time. Other than that, all of us here are perfectly safe and fine.

MsKakashi Mar 27, 2020

Maybe because I am still a beginners, but I love shounens. They have a safe formula that I can depend on. But what are your "exceptions"? 

As for favorites on the series, I am only going to list top 3 bc then the list would be too long. Lol.  

Naruto - Kakashi, Itachi & Naruto

FMAB - Edward, Roy & Greed/Ling 

Hunter x Hunter - Killua, Gon & ...

Dragon Ball - Vegeta, Gohan & Android 17

Bleach - Byakyua, Renji & Grimmjow

Yona of the Dawn - Hak, Shin-ah, Jae-Ha