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Hello! My name is Caspian, but feel free to call me Cas! I am an American, currently sixteen years of age, and a junior in high school. 

I speak Spanish and English!

Asexual / Panromantic / Chaotic Good / INTP-T / Wiccan

Life Motto: If the assignment isn't for a grade, don't do it.


I have many interests such as politics, astrophysics, and music, but, needless to say, I especially

love anime! It has been a part of my life for six years now. Here are some of my favorite anime-related things . . . 


Best Anime:

Image result for higurashi no naku koro ni gif

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is an intricate, unique, philosophical, psychedelic, and touching anime. It has been my

favorite for five years thanks to its moral message, ambient soundtrack, dynamic cast, and iconically executed narrative! These

are a few other franchises I really love:


        Image result for school live gifImage result for madoka magica gifImage result for levi ackerman gif

        Image result for fullmetal alchemist brotherhood gifImage result for soul eater gifRelated image

        Image result for ouran high school host club gifImage result for toradora black butler gifImage result for black butler gif

Image result for magi gif alibaba


Best Boy:

Related image

Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler is my favorite fictional character ever, and nothing will change that. 

I relate to him in nearly every way, and his complex and realistic mental illness can intrigue anyone,

especially those with almost identical symptoms, perspectives, and coping mechanisms like me. All of his actions and

views have valid explanations, and his relationships with the other characters are so justified and lifelike! Below are 

a few of my honorable mentions! 


        Image result for yukine noragami gifImage result for cassim magi gifImage result for kousei arima gif

        Related imageImage result for tamaki suoh gif


Best Girl:

Image result for elizabeth ethel cordelia midford gif

Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford from Black Butler will perpetually be my favorite female anime character.

She is a very historically accurate character whose arc emphasizes a truly paramount cultural issue 

few characters have addressed. Her purpose is to heal Ciel, and nobody could do it as well as she does! Here are some



            Image result for satoko houjou gifRelated imageImage result for yuki takeya gif

            Image result for yuno gasai gifImage result for death note misa amane fanartImage result for maka albarn gif

Related imageRelated image


Best Couple:

Image result for ciel phantomhive lizzy midford gif

I know how repetitive I seem, but CieLizzy is truly my favorite anime couple, and that will never change. 

They are such a flawless fit for each other, and Lizzy's quixotic, immature nature is a strangely perfect

contrast for Ciel. She plays the greatest role in his recovery and is the only thing he has left to

remind him of his old self. Most people oppose the incestuous aspect of the pairing, but they must

realize that it was the 1800s, and it was completely normal for the nobility to do in the era. Besides, nobody is more

compatible for him than she is, so why not make an exception? I personally find familial romance totally fine, but inbreeding is not, 

as it can cause deformities in the offspring. Otherwise, it is equal to any other relationship. I have no right to 

tell others who to love, as that would be hypocritical for me as a proud LGBTQ+ community member. As long as

they accept the struggles which come with a filial relationship, it is none of my business. Even if they did mate, 

despite Ciel's demisexuality, it is merely out of loyalty to British history, not a desire for incest by the author.

CieLizzy is the best, but I have several ships which rival them:


              Image result for kyoko sayaka gifImage result for maka soul gifImage result for edward winry gif

Related imageRelated image



I judge anime entirely based on quality, never enjoyment. My ratings have become

more based on what the anime was trying to accomplish, not necessarily what

I wanted it to do, throughout the years. I try to avoid allowing my personal feelings to

affect my verdict of an anime. A 5/10 is the score I give an anime which is completely 

average, with a mostly equal amount of pros and cons. I never give a 10/10 because

nothing is perfect, and I never give a 1/10 because every anime does

something well. Any anime I give a 7/10 or higher is one of my absolute 

favorites. I do have preferences regarding genre including psychological, mystery,

and high stakes games, but those preferences do not impact my ratings at all 

whatsoever! After all, your opinion has no value when it is not supported by

logic and evidence. I attempt to rely solely on facts, not feelings, as everybody

should, but I am still wrong sometimes because others may have more factual

claims than my own, and getting proven wrong is a kink of mine! 

There is no such thing as an unbiased rating, but there are ways with

which one may minimize bias, and I attempt to do so with the

utmost determination.



I listen to everything, regardless of language or genre, so I am always open to

recommendations! I have always been a music fanatic, as it has gotten me through 

everything in life. Some of my favorite artists thus far are BTSATEEZ(G)I-DLE

Sabrina CarpenterAriana Grande, TWICE, Red Velvet, and Radiohead!


Best Male Idol:

Image result for v bts gif pokemon 

from BTS is not only the most talented male idol from the modern era but also the one I

relate to most! He is very unpredictable, and he struggles to express his emotions. While 

always has a monotonous voice and face, he cracks jokes just as much as the other members, 

and the irony of his wacky behavior combined with his chill demeanor is humorous. He is calm and 

natural when he performs, eats, sleeps, and speaks, but he rapidly alternates

between moods, making people either confused by or interested in him. His voice is abnormally

low, and he has a sleek, albeit flat, affect, but he is actually a more ebullient

person. He is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and has a love of anything unique.

I resonate with him on all of these things!


Best Female Idol: 

Image result for im nayeon feel special gif

Im Nayeon from TWICE is currently the most inspiring and independent female idol. She 

looks for the best in everything, but she makes no effort to lie to herself nor others. Despite

the atypically difficult experiences she has been forced to endure, this girl bounces back with

vibrance, charisma, and enthusiasm. She has a permanently damaged left leg as a result

of a car accident, yet she still manages to be a brilliant center! She handled the stalking

situation sternly but diplomatically. Nayeon may seem like a 

perpetually joyous individual, but her lyrics and performances reflect an underlying sense of

hardship and gloom. Nevertheless, she persists, utilizing her inner vulnerabilities to 

encourage others, consequently encouraging herself! Even though nobody would

ever assimilate she and I, we actually have a lot in common. We both cope with our

intense struggles using manipulation and ego. Our circumstances differ, but our tactics

are identical! 


Korean Song of the Year/2019: 

Image result for psycho red velvet gif 

Psycho by Red Velvet is one of the most multidimensional and unique tracks from last year. 

If I say much more, this will become an entire review, so we will leave it at that!


Honorable Mentions:

Butterfly; LOONA

Goblin; Sulli


 Future Goals:

I currently volunteer at my local animal shelter and plan to work there part-time

when I reach the proper age. This will be the foundation of my career, and I will begin my undergrad 

whilst working there and living at home. I will move a few hours away to attend grad school, which is 

where I will get a bachelor's degree and major in animal psychology.

My ultimate goal is to become a trainer at a pit bull rescue, as pit bulls are my favorite breeds,

I understand them, and they truly deserve another chance to live despite how heavily they are stigmatized! 

This is not an objective which pertains to my career, but it is important to me: I wish to become

a master of cosmic, air elemental, and hedge witchcraft!


Please check out my best A-P friends' profiles! Their usernames are Venosaurka, 

AtuaDamnedIdiot, extremelYBoring, and TsumiMitzuki!



Thank you for reading this, and have a great day! Chat me anytime!

 I have sincerely apologized for any issues I have caused

other users in the past due to my poor phrasing, and I intend to mend

my conduct for the future, but I nevertheless stand by most of my points.






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I adore these characters


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TsumiMitzuki Feb 22, 2020

Recovery is there,but it's very slow.I really hate to sound like a elitist prick,but honestly,character deaths can bring weight,emotions and reality to their respective story,and for some reason she has a hard time understanding,and even insist anime don't need to be realistic.No wonder she likes Fairy Tail.

Up till Alicization,I always thought of him as straight.Yeah,he is boring,but to his credit,the movie and S3 tried to humanize him as much as possible.Asuna strikes me as those characters with good design wasted on their poor characterization.You will see Alice in action soon.She is one of the few types that Ai Kayano play against.

I understand,but the art can be jarring and uncomfortable to some viewers.Overlord don't have a hook for me to begin with.And we are going at it,why the fuck Albedo exist?

Oh yeah,I'm also planning to finish off the rest of the Kara No Kyoukai movies,and I personally think Shiki Ryougi is a deep,complex and well written character.Not to mention FGO is having a revived collaboration with KNK right now.The new Babylonia arc episode is coming today too.

bendallbug Feb 22, 2020

Ah :0 That never really occurred to me,, Learning to heal from the characters you relate to. I guess I've got the bad habit of just trying to forget my bad times and ignore them. I've mostly moved on and i'm much happier now, but i've still got the bad psychological aftermath from it? (small trust issues) and still think about a lot. And so I'm not really sure if I've really moved on.. I'll probably still dislike the characters a bit.. but this has made me feel bad about disliking them so much lol- I think I appreciate them more now. And I'll try to learn from them instead of running away :)

bendallbug Feb 22, 2020

I agree that realistic characters are amazing. I extremely admire the authors for being able to create a character like that! Finding characters like that can be extremely rare,, And I suppose I do learn a lot about myself from these characters. Because I just realized I use anime not just for entertainment but as an escape from reality aswell. So seeing these characters that remind me of myself make me remember things that have happened and take me back to how I was feeling then- which sadly is a bad place ^^'

anD HOLY CRAP HOW DID I NOT REALIZE THAT- they're so similar....

bendallbug Feb 21, 2020

I agree with NGNL, i ended up getting extremely uninterested within the first few episodes. The only tihng Albedo has going for her is her looks lmao. Aaaaaand Danganronpaaa,,, It's not exactly a favorite or anything but I do really like it. I've especially like anime that actually kill off a good amount of characters. And I've got more respect for Danganronpa after watching Akuma no Riddle. Spoilers?: ɓuıʇʇǝsdn ʎɹǝʌ sɐʍ ʇɐɥʇ puɐ pǝıp ǝuo ou puǝ ǝɥʇ uı ʇnq 'sʇɹos ɟo ǝɯɐɓ ɓuıllıʞ ɐ 'ɐduoɹuɐɓuɐᗡ oʇ ɹɐlıɯıs s,ʇı. I put that upside down just incase you would like to watch it one day. I have a hard time connecting to the characters though, so that spoils the sadness in killing them. I think the story is good but it probably works better as a game, I say probably just because that's what I've heard and haven't played iit ^^'

Aaahh.. Subaru. I know that Subaru is under an extreme amount of mental stress. but.. but hE JUST GIVES ME TOO MUCH SECOND-HAND ANXIETY THAT I CAN'T HANDLE IT 😔 During a lot of scenes i literally couldn't watch because i was sort of... imagining myself in that situation...?? do you have moments were you look back on something you did and go "oh why did i do that" or "why did i say that" he just makes me feel like that,, a l o t. and i don't like feeling like that 🥺 There's a lot of times in anime where this happens but. Subaru did it way too much and i ended up not being able to stand him...

there's a few nice characters like him that i don't like for... does that count as personal reasons??? idk. stuff like that. Another example is Chidori from Kiznaiver. She's really cute and a lovable great character. But I grew to not like her because i related to her so much and it hurt to watch her,,,

WinterWolf87 Feb 21, 2020

Regarding Diabolik Lovers (I can't edit my comments on here so I have to start a new post everytime) the reason the anime was a failed adaptation was because of how one-dimensional, incoherent and wasted potential everyone was. The VN and manga were the original source material so they took more time to adapt the story into more than one category. The anime took out all the vampires aura and positive characteristics and made them the opposite of what they are. They are sadistic and do start off as such, but at least in the VN they had development and mellowed down on this complexity towards Yui. That being said, the only character I felt didn't change at all is Kanato. You just need to watch the VN to find out why. All the other brothers made a turning point whilst Kanato did not want to reform. I can probably easily say that he's a classic example of a poorly written character with no substance.