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Hello! My name is Caspian, but feel free to call me Cas! I am an American, currently sixteen years of age, and a junior in high school. 


I have many interests such as politics, astrophysics, and music, but, needless to say, I especially

love anime! It has been a part of my life for six years now. Here are some of my favorite anime-related things . . . 


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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is an intricate, unique, philosophical, and touching anime. It has been my

favorite for five years thanks to its moral message, ambient soundtrack, dynamic cast, and iconically executed narrative!


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Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler is my favorite fictional character ever, and nothing will change that. 

I relate to him in nearly every way, and his complex and realistic mental illness can intrigue anyone,

especially those with almost identical symptoms, perspectives, and coping mechanisms like me. All of his actions and

views have valid explanations, and his relationships with the other characters are so justified and lifelike! 


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Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford from Black Butler will perpetually be my favorite female anime character.

She is a very historically accurate character whose arc emphasizes a truly paramount cultural issue 

few characters have addressed. Her purpose is to heal Ciel, and nobody could do it as well as she does!


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I know how repetitive I seem, but CieLizzy is truly my favorite anime couple, and that will never change. 

They are such a flawless fit for each other, and Lizzy's quixotic nature is a strangely perfect contrast

for Ciel. She plays the greatest role in his recovery and is the only thing he has left to

remind him of his old self. Most people oppose the incestuous aspect of the pairing, but they must

realize that it was the 1800s, and it was completely normal for the nobility to do in the era. Besides, nobody is more

compatible for him than she is, so why not make an exception? I personally find familial romance totally fine, but inbreeding is not, 

as it can cause deformities in the offspring. Otherwise, it is equal to any other relationship. I have no right to 

tell others who to love, as that would be hypocritical for me as a proud LGBTQ+ community member. As long as

they accept the struggles which come with a filial relationship, it is none of my business. Even if they did mate, 

despite Ciel's demisexuality, it is merely out of loyalty to British history, not a desire for incest by the author.

CieLizzy is the best!


I judge anime entirely based on quality, never enjoyment. My personal feelings

never affect my verdict of an anime, so most of my ratings are what most

would consider absurd. A 5/10 is the score I give an anime that is completely 

average, with a mostly equal amount of pros and cons. I never give a 10/10 because

nothing is perfect, and I never give a 1/10 because every anime does

something well. Any anime I give a 7/10 or higher is one of my absolute 

favorites. I do have preferences regarding genre including psychological, mystery,

and high stakes games, but those preferences do not impact my ratings at all 




I listen to everything, regardless of language or genre, so I am always open to

recommendations! I have always been a music fanatic, as it has gotten me through 

everything in life. Some of my favorite artists thus far are BTSATEEZ(G)I-DLE

Sabrina CarpenterAriana Grande, Dua Lipa, TWICE, and Three Days Grace!



I currently volunteer at my local animal shelter and plan to work there part-time

when I reach the proper age. This will be the foundation of my career, and I will begin my undergrad 

whilst working there and living at home. I will move a few hours away to attend grad school, which is 

where I will get a bachelor's degree and major in animal psychology.

My ultimate goal is to become a trainer at a pit bull rescue, as pit bulls are my favorite breeds,

I understand them, and they truly deserve another chance to live despite how heavily they are stigmatized! 


Thank you for reading this, and have a great day! Chat me anytime!






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Metalblade94 Sep 21, 2019

What’s up it seems like you’ve expierenced enough terms of taste of well written

TsumiMitzuki Sep 21, 2019

Haha,it's okay.I'm not so active on this site as compared to my earlier days.It's getting boring here and i got other things outside the internet anyways.Recently I resumed watching anime.I plan to start Carole and Tuesday and resume Fruits Basket 2019 sooner or later.I feel like 2019 is a pretty good year for quality anime.What about you?

Most of the OHSHC characters are well written imo.I may try to continue watching that too,but again I'm juggling Gintama,KNY and Given at the same time.I recommand them as imo,they are a bit unique to their respective genres.Newsflash:Yuki Kajiura recently worked on the ost of Kimetsu no Yaiba.

I know right?Hikasa and Monica are complete opposites in terms of voice rage.And I tend to dislike the roles she dubbed.Even for a sub fan like myself,I prefer the more diverse Brina Palencia over her anytime.I heard that Monica and her fiance,along with Marchi filed another anti SLAPP back at Vic to dismiss his lawsuit.Damn,she's a disgrace to many actual sexual assault victims out there.

Even if Bakugo had a reason,it is nonsensical and it don't explain his actions.Tbh,I hate him more than Mineta because at least Mineta's actions constantly bite him in his ass.Shouya from Koe No Katachi is way better than him,writing wise.There's also another character I really dislike for poor writing and nonsensical psychology,and it is Orihime Inoue from Bleach.

Farny Sep 20, 2019

Hi :) Thank you for following me ^^

Feel free to talk to me whenever you feel like it :)

I'll follow you back ^^

MediElmo Sep 17, 2019


It's fine i understand, of course school is first.... i noticed that you will be so busy

BTW why you're rewatching Death note Is there something miss?


mmbroken Sep 15, 2019

Yeah I agree.