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Black Hearted Maidens

While the Villainess genre is fun, it's filled with people avoiding the role of being a true villain. This list is for those female protagonists who err to the darker side
1 Depths of Malice

Depths of Malice

Oh Boy is she evil. C/W for SA, but she is a force to deal with and will cut down and use anyone when it's to her benefit. Hell even when it doesn't benefit her and she just dislikes them

2 I Will Fall With the Emperor

I Will Fall With the Emperor

This is one leans more towards courtly intrigue than the others in the list. Lacy goes back in time to before her family betrays her and allies with the emperor of a foreign nation. The first few chapters are slow, but when she begins to act as a villainess it feels cathartic, if sometimes more over the top.

3 Kill the Villainess

Kill the Villainess

While she is less 'aggressive' she is in no way nice and will use people if it suits her. She's more melancholic and desperately wants to leave the world shes trapped in

4 Roxana


Roxana herself isn't evil, she has to play along with it in order to avoid suspicion within her family

5 The Crimson Lady

The Crimson Lady

Suicide, murder, manipulation, nothing is off the table as it is all to avoid another endless reset

6 House Garnet's Archvillain

House Garnet's Archvillain

A former saintess was betrayed and sacrficed but it allowed to come back for vengence by the devils in the hell she occupied

7 Your Throne

Your Throne

While Medea isn't necessarily evil, she's not to be trifled with and is a proponent of toeing the line of whats good and bad to get her way


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thatvenetiangirl Aug 10, 2023

Love the list, thank you so much!