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Good days lads! Just another sailor who loves a good mystery, world building, and introspection on society. If you have any of these for trade, then Mystic will let you in more about his life. As a writer, tend to love characters than hate them. If you look at disliked characters, there are far and few becuase Mystic usually understands the villains. If they don't, yeah, definitely have an issu with their character.

For now that is all Mystic can provide.

Sigh, Mystic hopes so... 

In any case, feel free to stare at Mystic's favorite gifs to give you a better idea of Mystic's personality:

Ple Ple Clementine Tumblr posts - Tumbral.com

Aqua Kono Suba Crying GIF - AquaKonoSuba Crying Pause - Discover ...

Overlord - Game Over | Overlord | Know Your Meme

What would be your self proclaimed waifu (Lame title I know ...

So.. Whos your favorite maid? - Forums - MyAnimeList.net

Mystic is tired from all the hard work even though it is only worth 2 pages...

Update 2: Using Twitter now but plan to voice some opinions/reviews too in the future there @Mystic_Stirling

Update 3: Want to clarify, love overly detailed or deep animes like Overlord and Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom, althought the latter is a simplified anime so don't bother with the anime unless you want cute expression. Hoping to read the LN.

;P (Mystic's Seal of Approval)
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Ruzland Jul 30, 2023

He/she takes up too much ocxygen. I agree.

Bennyvy Aug 4, 2022

I've been on a 8 month hiatus hehe, dèja vue, nevertheless I will write you once again!
To be honest, this longlasting conversation has it's charm haha.

Congratz on making it to Twitter! I'm sure Mytsic will be thriving and spreading good vibes over there~ Unfortunately I'm not using it, so can't help you there that much :s
Not that familiar with Pure Pure Plaiadas but it does seem a good niche for Twitter... speaking of Overlord, at the moment I'm thoroughly enjoying season IV! Glad to have Ainz-sama back after waiting so long :D

Reason for being on hiatus sometimes is due to studying and practicing physiotherapy, but made the decision to switch to studying medicine next year xd Upside is I have a lot of leasure time before the entrance exam, 8 months or so.. Europe is totally different to America in that regard. Having said so, I will probably update my account now and then and hopefully clean my 'want to watch/read list' (it's like new year resolutions, isn't it ツ). でわ、おげんきで!

Asyeurin Feb 11, 2022

Actually I've been reading a lot of web novels lately, I don't know if you only do manga/anime or just Japanese content, but I kinda got to a point where I'd just about try anything as long as it was gl. Browsed a lot of naff content, but I think it's been worth it. If you like plot heavy and emotional I can recommend Qing Jun Mo Xiao, or Youqing Ke (authors). If you're looking for something more light hearted or funny, Re Dao Hun Jue or Liangpi Jiu Mianbao are worth giving a shot. Tbf most CWNs are shuangwen or "feel good texts", so light heartedness is pretty easy to find. You have to hunt for that emotional abuse. But it's definitely there if you want it.

It's been a while since I read any manga, and there aren't many yuri anime to start with, so I think most of them are already on one of my lists... fortunately although Korean WNs seem to be a barren wasteland when it comes to gl, Jinjiang alone has more baihe than I could read in a lifetime ^^" I read a lot of quick transmigration, chuanshu, rebirth, apocalypse and abo. Double A is my treasure, literally one in a hundred novels even when I'm hunting for it. When it comes to comics I prefer Korean stuff to Chinese stuff though most of the time. Usually a good drama or slice of life. Regardless of origin though, I think it's often most fun when stories combine my favourite genres/settings, or come up with something completely original, which is usually some form of unique fantasy or sci-fi setting, while a worthwhile story depends on memorable characters. I've read several hundred novels on Jinjiang alone (most of them aren't listed on AP and I gave up adding them after a while) but so many of them I can't recall at all because they had no outstanding features.

I mentioned abo, everyone's probably instantly imagining bl smut - but JJ is a monetised site that adheres strictly to good, socialist values, thank you very much, yes it does. And when I say adheres strictly I mean you can buy a chapter and not read it right away, and come back the next day to find out that it was too spicy and you will never know how spicy because some killjoy reported it and got the chapter locked and now you have no spice, no money, and no content, and the author is probably crying at their desk trying to make up an extra thousand words of nonsense they hadn't anticipated wrinting today. It's like putting your cookie down on the table and turning around to find the dog's run off with it. As a result you have two types of authors: the obediently clean authors, and the authors of a thousand metaphors who will put both you and the machine translator's language skills to the test as they try to navigate the limits of poetic innuendo. I'll just say, at a certain point, it's not worth it: I'd use less brain power rediscovering algebra. It is quite fun to see authors that have left notes to the readers, like "Psst, don't report, this is a secret gift from me to you, okay? Nobody tell the big guys. We good?" and the chapter is still there.

Bennyvy Dec 10, 2021

Yo Mystic, my friendo, sorray for this late respons hehe-

If you remember last conversation (doesn't really matter if you don't)
 -> firstly, don't apologize for your 2 month late response... I must apologize for almost being 2 years late now haha.. being honest here; I wrote something 2 months after your response, but my browser crached and everything disappeared, was devestated and couldn't write it again... yeah.

You see, I'm in university for a while now and didn't expect to have such little spare time in these last few years, thus I'm here sporadically updating stuff. I haven't touched much anime since my hiatus, though I have read some manga. Recommending stuff won't be as easy as it used to be, but seeing you still being active here must mean you're doing just fine :) 
What have you been up to, if I may ask Mystic?

(to pick up last conversation a little, yea Made in Abyss had some weakpoints and I'm also not particularly a moe fan, but it just has something that I can't really describe yet, it's a feeling.. welp, I imagine everyone has something like that, something which can't be expressed with words alone)

It's fun writing to someone again, and good practice too!
Kind regards

AGlitchGnome Feb 9, 2021

Thanks for the Follow!

As far as reccomendations for Isekai novels similar to Mushoku Tensei I cannot really think of any Japanese ones. At least one that has similar atmostphere with characters and world building. However, there are a couple Korean novels i can think of.

Second coming of Gluttony - probably the closest thing to Mushoku Tensei that i can think of off the top of my head as the MC is a really shitty person who gets a second chance in another world. Has pervy moments (much less than Mushoku Tensei but are handled in a mature way like MT), mature themes, and some really dark elements. The character developement is fantastic and overall t's just extremely epic. There is a Webtoon/manga for this but i absolutely DO NOT reccomend it as it's one of the worst adaptations i've ever seen and ruins alot of the best elements of the novel

Trash of the Count's Family - this one has a smart MC who is pretty strong but doesn't come off as OP. The MC often has to out think opponents and its written very well where alot of his plans don't come off as very forced and many times its written so that the MS seems genuinely smart. It's also similar to reincarnated as a slime as there is a pretty big supporting cast that revolve around the MC. This has some darker moments as well as mature moments like mushoku tensei and has really good world building as well.

This Tutorial is too hard- OP protagonist but an interesting spin on the "isekai" as the MC is sent to a tutorial dungeon along with others but he chooses the hardest difficulty. has many psychological elements as well as dark moments. is pretty Epic and has pretty good characters

Not really sure if you'd like any of these but they are all really good quality novels