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Everything rated on an enjoyability scale, not a quality scale. 

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FriendlyDemon Nov 2, 2017



My name is Ana, aka FriendlyDemon and I, as well as the rest of the WECO (Anime Planet's Welcoming Committee) Club, would like to officially welcome you to Anime-Planet.


"I joined! What can I do now?" Well, easy! You could start by introducing yourself to the Anime-Planet community! Or randomly browse our cool forum here. There are some awesome clubs out there, so join all that interest you. (I'm not getting paid to say that *wink*). Also, you can read our FAQ document for some extra help, in case you need it. Link here.


And start adding the watched/watching/want to watch anime to your profile! What are you waiting for? :D We have our own list with some of our anime recommendations so check it up. You never know, you might find something interesting! Link here.


If you have any questions about this site, want an anime recommendation... or you just want to chat :) come on and meet a friendly demon (we are pretty rare!).


I hope you'll enjoy your time on Anime-Planet!