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Hi hi. My name is Caleb. I'm interested in everything, particularly making friends, so say hello! I'm a literature major, published poet, and all around lover of art. I've been watching anime since being a wee lad, and it has inexplicably become part of my personality, and I am very proud of that. Feel free to strike up any conversation with me! 

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MythicalTurkey Jun 24, 2019

Well lemme know how it goes, friende

MythicalTurkey Jun 22, 2019

Ahh shiet dude, that's a bummer. But you could probably get back on when you don't have as much else to watch. Trust me, it's wooorth iiit.

S2 really completes it in more ways than one, I love S1, but without S2 the whole show definitely wouldn't be my favorite anime like it is. You're in for a treat if you finish it.

I suppose there couldn't be harm in rewatching S1 if you really want to, but if you want my advice, only rewatch episodes 1, 9, 11, then from 13 to the end, if you want to keep things all time-smart and still watch everything relevant to the main story

Course, the entirety of S1 is amazing, but those are the most overall plot-relevant episodes. The show starts pretty slow, as you know.

MythicalTurkey Jun 17, 2019

Was wondering because of your post about haikyuu and mha, have you considered continuing assassination classroom? It's another one of those considered to be a standout shounen and from your list you've only seen s1!

villaindeku321 May 8, 2019

wanna be friends?