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I am furious!!! (dropped @ chapter 100ish)

First, there is NO NO, yes no romance till now at all. (okay thats not true, there were <5 Panels with starting romance, but it gets killed of every f** time, its anoying)

i liked... 

... FL and ML intellect & personality
... the story (i dont really like politics, only if its done right. Its really interesting and fun to read and think about might happen)

... the worldbuilding is superb!
... old fashioned artstyle
... individual characters

what i absolutely hated...
... 90+ chapters in, 2% romance between ML and FL, its dragging on
... ML + FL screentime is very short, they dont do much together at all. The cover photo is totally misleading, at the current pace we wont see anything before chapter 500 or so, not kidding
... beginning love triangle (really? why author? you dragged this on til now with barely any romance, but you introduce a f** lovetriangle? This late? Did you just look at the tags and realized there must be some romance or shit in this? This doesnt get along with this story at all!)
... pacing, its sometimes skipping several months, there is just a happening after the next one, sometimes stressfull 

8/10 story
8/10 art
7/10 characters
4/10 overall

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