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Yes, I am a pedantic asshole when it comes to a medium I'm invested in, and I feel no shame in it. Been watching anime since I was 4, watching Robotech. While it took me almost a decade to truly know what anime was and that I was really into it, I'm glad I found out, since, now I'm here with a decent amount of anime under my belt.

I'm not all that active on this site as opposed to other sites I've linked above, so those are better places to hit me up.

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CrimsonCondor Jan 21, 2020

They can have a bland personality if they have legitimate reasons for it. Just because you are not regaled by them does not mean they are flawed. That is subjective, and quality is sheerly objective. Suguha had plenty of depth. Her attraction to Kirito actually has a scientific background behind it, and her feelings were portrayed rather well in the given situation. They did discard her story after her respective arc, but they did so with every single girl haha. As a PTSD patient, I can confirm Sinon's case was extremely realistic and Kirito's was the exact opposite. He basically shit all over my condition, not to mention he is generic, overpowered, and flat. Tatsuya is honestly worse because at least they kind of tried with Kirito. I think they were just too scared to make his PTSD too similar to Sinon's because their knowledge of the illness was very biased and sentimental towards the author's own experiences and viewpoints. I have nothing to say about Yuuki since she exists solely to make viewers upset and has no realistic or original traits whatsoever. 

CrimsonCondor Jan 21, 2020

A character's personality is only one of many factors which define their quality. Suguha had a personality, but it was bland, just as most of the other characters' were. However, she had more depth than any other character besides Sinon. 

I completely agree about Tatsuya. He is overpowered and generic, and he lacks a personality. Miyuki is almost equally atrocious; in fact, she is an insult to women because she is purposefully crafted to fit each of the expectations appended to women. She is cliche, surreally strong, and has almost no personality too. Tatsuya is technically mocking men as well because he aligns with their respective standards to an unrealistic extent. I could not rant enough about those two. 

CrimsonCondor Jan 21, 2020

In terms of personality,  Yuuki is probably the best, but if we mean good writing, Sinon and Suguha significantly surpass her. It is difficult to choose one least favorite. Tatsuya is one of my least favorites too, easily! However, I absolutely detest Mei Misaki from Another. The author did literally nothing right with her. By the way, you do not have to answer if it is personal, but which gender identity best suits you?

CrimsonCondor Jan 18, 2020

Yuuki was pretty much nothing but a plot device with no original traits. I could not get attached to a character who had nothing unique or complex about her and only lasted for a few episodes. I will agree her personality was much more vibrant and regaling than most of the other characters' demeanors, however. I also like her design.

Yeah, I feel the same way. Depending on the format of the anime and what it's trying to accomplish, I tweak my standards. My usual outline for TV anime and movies is what I sent though.

Who is your least favorite anime character so far?

CrimsonCondor Jan 17, 2020

What an interesting formula! Thank you for taking the time to share it with me. I utilize the four categories (plot, art, sound, and characters) and divide them each into five different sub-categories. I rate them on a scale of 1-10, average out the sub-categorical ratings to get the categorical ratings, and then average those four out to get the final verdict. Here is my template:























-Special Effects


I hope this layout makes relative sense to you. I simply wrote it here exactly as I wrote it during initial planning, so let me know if anything is vague.

On a side note, why do you like Yuuki Konno from SAO? I hate her, so I am curious. No judgement. :)