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The crowds have stationed once again. The blazing curtains rose one more time. The long-awaited final act has arrived at last. Who could have guessed, once the pieces were finally put together, once everything clicked, that this play would be covered in rotten tomatoes?

These new and even returning adversaries are pure dirt in comparison to the more fascinating ones faced prior. The main lead himself proves to be a waste as well this time around. Even the production, which shined beautifully at first, slowly degraded as everything began coming apart at the seams as everything stops moving! The director of this performance no longer had anything interesting to present. Despite the answers to questions asked prior making sense and the puzzle of the world-building and scenario of the setting finally clicking without a hitch, nothing that happened along the way made any sense! Beyond the final minutes that leave a satisfying conclusion, reveals and outcomes were as underwhelming as the elements pulled out of nowhere here were absurd. The final 48-minute stretch is especially guilty of this offense. Such a dreadfully dry and elongated final outing this turned out to be. How, despite having a perfectly reasonable path in sight, did they stumble so hard? It should have been easy to write this finale, but now the once terrifying and interesting scenario has become as ridiculous the Last Order and Apocrypha installments that had brought shame in yesteryear!

Not everything collapsed, however. Despite the props showing their unfinished nature at times towards the very end, the production is as, if not even more stellar than before, with beautiful movements between the spectacles of this act's early half that surpass the previous installment. Even in the disaster of a finale this act had, the visuals still burned beautifully (along with the script). The new music choices were as complementary and well-done as ever. Nero herself was as delightful as ever. Still, this already bewildering play has finally burnt to ashes, much to my despair.

1.5/10 story
8.4/10 animation
7.4/10 sound
3.8/10 characters
5.2/10 overall

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