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Abominable Anime

Horrible anime that I give a 1.5 Stars or less.

All Gundam Anime Ranked

List will update as I progress

All Gundam MCs Ranked

I'm ranking the main protagonists from every Gundam anime I've seen. Simple as that. Will update as I see MOAR GUNDAMU! Here we go!

Bottom-Tier Anime

All anime I give a 3 or lower, short ONA one-offs and whatnot excluded, though films still count. No dropped or on hold allowed.

Disliked/Hated Gundam Characters

Bad or even terrible Gundam characters that piss me off for one reason or another (though some of these are good in that there written well in terms of how we're supposed to hate them, but very few are here). 1 is the best of the...

Mech Mayhem

Mecha titles worth watching (that I've seen). Space anime that just have battleships and fighter crafts (like Cowboy Bebop and Irresponsible Captain Tylor) or have a mech or two in them but are not primarily a mech series (namely...

Shittiest anime main protagonists

Anime main protagonists that I despite. Some are worthless, others ruin their stories, and some are just an ingredient in the awfulness of their shows. Fuck these guys.

Shitty Anime Sequels

The worst sequels in anime. I have to consider them bad as sequels and as shows, so nothing above a 4. They also must be inferior to the original, so if a terrible show gets a sequel that is superior -regardless of quality- it is...

Top 10 Worst 2017 Anime

no dropped anime or recaps on this list