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Rascal Sep 12, 2018

Agree to disagree then, since I really don't see any of that as superficial or question any continuation between the two. Especially since it was actually watching progressive with its presentation (especially with the very beginning scene in hitomi's dream) that made me see FLCL in a different light. But it will be a different experience for everyone.

Rascal Sep 11, 2018

Fair enough. However...

Yes, cartoon network did want a sequel, but all that did is open the door a little wider for the actual people that wanted to make it, the president of production IG, Ishikawa, and the president of ProdIG America, Furuta. The former had constantly pestered Tsurumaki, the original director of it to make more originally, who said he couldn't make anymore because it was a product of that time in his life and was formed from his own creative energy. But eventually after a long time Gainax put the rights to FLCL as an IP up for sale and naturally IG grabbed it super fast, and partnered with cartoon network ASAP to start working on it.

So the main people that wanted to work on it at first were the people running production IG, but they later found a lot more people that wanted to work on it, as you will see later in the video.

You'll also see the decision behind why you don't like progressive. That was the decision to be completely creative with the series, BUT stay within the boundaries of making sure the show has the same world and general continuation of the plotline in FLCL 2 in some way. Which everyone working on it agreed on. They wanted to expand on FLCL and do different things with it, but not cast anything about it that Tsurumaki started aside. They wanted to be fully faithful to it. Which is probably what you disagree with, and what Alternative might be doing different. So far alternative has a different feel from the original FLCL which is the exact thing Progressive wants to avoid. And I feel they did very well at keeping that same feel. So it makes sense you wouldn't like it if you didn't even like the original.

Of course even if you did you'd still probably not like it for "trying too hard" as some brilliantly put it.

It's impossible to please anyone these days XD

Rascal Sep 10, 2018

The open mindedness was only about how the story and such works. I'm not just flapping my gums here. I use to dislike FLCL the original because the first time through, i didn't understand the reason behind some of the directing choices made or references or even the plot. I thought it was all incredibly stupid, til I realized that if someone has passion for their project, and really puts love and work into it, that means that I'm not looking at the choices they made and the story they made how they intended, so i completely changed my outlook on i and realized how great it was. I'm not saying you have to think it's great but do realize that they dont do anything in that show for no reason, or just to be weird or just to reference.

Thats not the vision behind either of them. Everything has a defined meaning, even if as a sequel it's progressive's job to pay respect to a few things the original did, but use them differently.

On the other hand the shows weren't made because adult swim wanted more FLCL. That's just not the case. It was made because a few directors at production IG REALLY wanted to make more. So they reached out to the original gainax guy and adult swim and got a bunch of talent together to make it happen. As you said, this was a sequel no one wanted, so it has no point as a cash grab. Just a project by creative people to bring new life to something they love.

Rascal Sep 10, 2018

What you said about alternative could easily be said about progressive. You're simply choosing to ignore the passion and talent behind that one which to me as a writer an animator myself, couldn't be more obvious, especially after watching all the behind the scenes videos about its creators. And who's to say either was supposed to make sense as you understand it? Maybe you need to be more open minded.

IceBeam13 Jun 8, 2018

Yeah, the only reason why I'm back in Anime-Planet is because MyAnimeList was temperalily shutted down. Even though it's back, most of the pages are currently restricted. And I don't like coming back here since there's several people in this anime site that make me sick.