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Sega490 Aug 13, 2019

Calm down man xD

First off, like I said to the other guy, my watch/read list isn't even close to being as big as it should be lmao. I just don't have the patience to fill it up completely. I know a lot more than you give me credit for.

Second, maybe try reading my whole review instead of glancing and judging like you did with said show? You coming to my page and rambling incoherently tells me absolutely nothing. You're only coming off even more as an elitist. Funny how you disclaim that you don't know everything, but continue talking like you know everything. Hypocritical much? You're entitled to your own opinions, but so far, I've seen nothing of substance to why this was a bad show. You're not an exception. Shitty anime youtubers like mothers basement only perpetuate a cycle of negativity and ignorance, and I see you're just another victim. Insulting something because you don't understand it, don't you think that's kinda primitive. Being a content creator of any kind requires an open mind. You need to be willing to accept the various formats of story writing, and not shit on something because you would've done it differently. I might only be 4 years older than you, but that can make all the difference. Learn some respect, then I'll be willing to have a civil discussion

brokensaint058 Dec 22, 2018

Love your 4xSGridman review, one small nitpick though somewhere in the top half you have written Utumi, should be corrected to Utsumi.

BritoAP Sep 23, 2018

But in the end, all reviews, star ratings, and genre don't mean anything. It's matter to the individual who watch it and how they think, majority of votes don't mean its wrong or correct. So, you're not an asshole, just someone trying to express your thoughts.

BritoAP Sep 23, 2018

Detailed reviews, but someone could just make TL:DR out of your review and it would have the same points addressed.