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My name is Tyler and im enlisted in the U.S Army with an option 40(AKA the Ranger Option). Ive been watching anime since I was 13. The way I got started was my older brother showed me an anime on netflix so he could make fun of it. The anime was High School of the Dead. I really liked it, even now its one of my favourite. However im in 12th grade now and anime is looked down on by everyone in my school. My school is a little too country to look past somthing like this especially my friends. Even now none of my friends know I watch anime. If they knew their opinion of me might change. So even now about 5 years later I still keep it to my self.I love talking about anime, however I dont vist this site a whole lot, but feel free to message me.

Some of my favorite anime are

Aldnoah Zero

Fullmetal Alchemist

                                                 Chrome Shelled Regios

The way I rate anime

I only have a few 5 star anime. I try to rate them at what I truly thought they are. Also just like everyone else I have my own preference. Like Chrome shelled Regios, its not very well known and the rating isnt the highest but I think its one of the best ive seen other than its animation. However the animation of the show is unique and thats somthing I like and dislike about the show. I think if you want to watch some good anime from my preference just look at all my 5 star which theres like 6 and my 4.5 star rating.

PS. I love making list for people so if you want some recommendations just message me.

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invader257 Oct 7, 2019

friend keep watching anime, and due your army time, come back save 

Bakaras Jul 22, 2018

It's all good I forget about the comments on here quite often need to update my profile quite a bit and get more into using it. Looking good with a favourites and a personal scale it's a nice touch.

Bakaras Dec 16, 2017

Long over due reply rarely read my profile it's a bad habit it take it you've seen silent movie by now my background is from zanykou no terror

RyanMinLwin Jul 3, 2017

Hi Tylar, actually i am more interested in gathering the same taste anime watchers as i am than getting attention from the variety of people. Why you took so long :) a month hah! Thank for opinion on  Chrome Shelled Regios. I still stall on epi 2. I will try to restart that show very soon. That also depends on my mood.

RyanMinLwin May 19, 2017

Yo dats my boy! You are one hell of Anime watcher. Let have some chats before i follow.