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Happy Sugar Life Render

Due to popular demand (that nobody asked for) ill make a proper bio


And yes I will say bad words, Amanda, because I'm an edgy kid. 

Name: spaceunicorn33

Age: below my banner dumbass

Gender: are you dumb?

Social security number: 420-69-420 (haha, I'm funny)


- I like baking. Why do people say baking is hard? It is literally just following instructions, Jonathan you can do it. I will judge you if you can't bake, except brownies, those fuckers are hard to get right. 

- I like anime (no shit)

- I like manga (fr?)

- I like crafting. What can I say? I'm a crafty bitch. I Don't like buying (with my parents money) things I know I can make on my own. I literally made a hat yesterday. Turned out like shit because idk how to sew but I like it. 

- I like plants. Especially succulents (what am I? A Pinterest whore?) they are very pretty and chunky and the good thing is if I forget to water them they'll be fine. Plus I can steal succulent leaves from the trendy coffee shop, and I'll have more plants for free.  


So, this is anime planet, how did you get into anime?

Well kids, sit around cause this i long one...

My brother used to watch Naruto and DBZ on Cartoon Network and I would sometimes watch it but didn't really tickle my fancy. And okay I confess it, I had a crush on goku. 

*time passes*

So, 2016, I'm about 10 yo (oh god that was a dark time of fnaf songs) and this dude on school shows up with a weird book. It was the AOT manga. I dont really remember the details, I just know I ended up watching the firs two seasons of AOT, and I was in love. Cartoons can be more profound than uncle grandpa?!?!?! IMPOSSIBLE

From there I watched Tokyo ghoul, another, some bits of Osama game (ew) and I got half though death note and hated it (disgusting human) Now that I think about it, maybe i had a lil too much unsupervised internet. Like, I watched another at 10 yo, no wonder gore is one of my fav genres now. 

*more time passes*

2019, I really don't remember how it happened. I just remember this: I had this sports festival thingy at school, I suck at sports. So, what did I do at the last game? I hid in the bathroom for 30 min until it was over, and let's say my teammates weren't very happy ^^; The moment i got back was just a blur of a bitchy behavior and shouting from them, honestly. I cracked under the commotion, so I ran away to cry. So they only memory I have from watching death note in 2019 is watching it in the bathroom crying. 

*its been 84 years*

Now, early 2020. My brother told me about this anime, mha, so we gave it a try. Oh boy was that a BIG mistake. I was blown away, in my eyes it was the best anime EVER. I dont like mha as much now, but it will have a special place in my heart, like AOT. Now the rest is history...

And just for the shit and giggles the first "manga" I read from start to finish that time period was (drum rolls) Killing stalking... Look, if you can ignore the dicks in your face, just read it. It's literally amazing. 


If I have a watching/reading manga/anime without the number chapters it means I'm planing to read it, and it's higher on my wtw, but I haven't started it.

Also, an anime im watching already has a rating I'm probably just rewatching it


Fun fact! (bet you didn't see that one coming)

I like sleeping on the floor. At night, you can find me anywhere but my actual bed. Under the desk, on the corner of my room, under my bed (it was kinda comfy), on the living room couch. So yea if you need someone that can sleep anywhere at any time, call me. 


Some mangas I really enjoyed

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba  Homunculus  Killing Morph  Killing Stalking  An Uncomfortable Truth  My Broken Mariko   Our Dining Table 

 Go For It, Nakamura!  Shiawase Gohan: Maki to Hanazawa  Attack on Titan  Berserk  Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun  Me and the Devil Blues  Chainsaw Man


Some anime I really enjoyed

Tokyo Godfathers  Berserk  Banana Fish  Vinland Saga  Monster  Happy Sugar Life  Kaguya-sama: Love Is War 

  Kill La Kill  Tanaka-kun is Always Listless  Kamisama Kiss  Please tell me! Galko-chan OVA  Ouran High School Host Club  Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid  Barakamon



Top ten anime (and yes before you judge my taste, check if fmab is in your list, chad) 

Attack on titan (no comment)
Kamisama Kiss
Banana Fish
Kill la Kill
Death Note
Miss Kobayashi Dragon Maid
Ouran Highschool Host Club
Tanaka-Kun is always Listless


Honorable mentions

Happy Sugar Life
Kaguya-sama Love is War
Oreanchi no Furo jijo
Please tell me, Galko-chan!
She and her cat: Everything Flow
Toilet Bound Hanako kun
Demon Slayer

Note: this top ten is outdated but im too lazy to re-do it :P



Tbh, I would make a "My ratings" type of list but why I rate something is way more wide than "i just liked it" Personally I rate anime depending on the story and how much I enjoyed it. For example: Evangelion, I didn't really enjoy it, but I can appreciate that it's a good anime. 

Im very critical of my anime rating, I've barely given 5/5. But just on anime, manga I rate everything 5/5 because there are just to many hidden gems. 



What is your vision for your future?


I have no idea what to do with my life, but I do know one thing, ill never have fucking kids. “Ohh but you are so young! You'll want them when you get older! ^^” No Jessica, no, I don't want kids. 


When I tell my parents they think they gave me a bad example but no parent of mine I gave a bad example for myself. Why would I ever want to dedicate my life to a little me that will go around and do the same dumb shit I do?


 Most people have kids due to peer pressure and because that's what's “meant to be” getting married at 25, having a kid, being in an extremely toxic relationship and not filing for divorce for the little gremlin.


Also, males out there, could you imagine having a little alien use your body as an incubator for nine months sucking the life out of you just for it to be born and go smoke at the skate park? Yea not happening to this bitch. Take my ovaries out please.


 Just saying, if i don't answer a comment right away even though I'm online, its either two things: I'm dumb and didn't realize someone commented, or I'm panicking too much thinking what to replay.  


 Here are some songs that itch my brain. 




well then bai whore


Wow, okay. Reading my bio months after, why am I so cringy ;-; ? I'm totally not this edgy on chat, I just had a little too much fun writing this out lol.

Don't doubt to reach out if you need help, or you just want to chat ^^

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SHOTO777 Jun 12, 2021

I think the only ones I don't like as much are All For One and Big Sis Magne because- Well, to be honest, I like the hot characters, or at least the interesting ones, and they were kinda... neither. Characters with deep backstories are usually my favorites. Aaaaaaaaaand also the bad guys. Gimme a nice hot villain, and I'll be happy for the rest of my life.

Slaynoir Jun 12, 2021

I was asking for crits and I'm not mad :3 If anything I don't get enough of that so I'm left in the dark about how I should imrpove.

So here's my response.

'I don't want to say that you need to change the names per se, but one thing of advice I give you in general is: more doesn't me better. This is something that I see in character design a lot, for example. You'll see characters with detailed and complicates looks, but if they don't have somewhat of a meaning behind it. It's like trying to cover something in glitter and saying its art, if that makes sense.'

So I named them as they are due to the language of the culture. In all reality their names are not as short as I listed. In Ironian , each letter is actually a 'word' so the name 'Iblis' for example would spell out its full name in Ironian being I B L I S (insert words from language to letters lol) so they're actually shortened. And some of the names are long regardless as some are actual words, just spelt differently for how it would be used in Ironian. I try to keep the names short but they're kinda hard. I do plan on making a guide as to how to say their names though xD Like Zellennaa. ZELL-LEE-NAH

Or Zarrexx CZAR-REX-EX It is in a way a forigen laguage from another planet. So it's not long for glittery purposes or more just for more, it's an actual lexicon that requires some understanding of the culture to know why the names seem wonky. Just like how a english name can sound totally normal to us, is bizarre for japanese people and vice versa. And they do have meaning for each name in the story, I don't just throw out random words/letters ;D 

lol and don't fret, if you don't feel like you understand something I'm more than happy to lend a ear. It's A LOT to take in. I've worked on this for about 11 years total, so it may seem super complicated out of the fact you know nothing about this world I'm making. I can break down things too if needed, I just wrote them as self notes. I know how to simplify them further if you'd like.

SHOTO777 Jun 12, 2021

Oooh, I'd have to say my favorites would be Shoto, Dabi, Bakugou, Kurogiri, Shigaraki, Kirishima, Hero Killer Stain- All of the hot boys, pretty much. (My list is longer, but I'll bore you to tears if I name all of them.)

SHOTO777 Jun 12, 2021

Hey! Thanks so much for the follow! I really appreciate it, dude! So I'm not the only one who has a special place in my heart for MHA! Sweet! Even though you don't like it as much now, who was your favorite character?

Slaynoir Jun 12, 2021

I'll totally take a peek at yours too.

Just go into general discussion. Here's the links for easy access.

This is a start for you as it's a lot to take in xD;;;