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Birdy The Mighty Decode is the actual remake of an old OVA series. It could have been affected by the old themes but it is not, thankfully.

The story is an average sci-fi series. It was quite good, but a bit simple and predictable.

The animation is quite average here though some scenes were beautifully animated. Specially the fight between Birdy and the marionnette girl ( what was her name again?). Quite simple and a bit bland, it doesn't strike as much as it could have been.

Opening section: standard song and animation. Ending section: just ok.

The main boy character is portrayed by Irino Miyu who does an exquisite job. His voice was just perfect for the type of character Tsutomu is. Birdy has a nice voice too. The classmates had an average rank. Hey Sakamoto Maaya is here folks!

The show has an excellent cast of characters. The chemistry between Tsutomu and Birdy is just damn hilarious. I love these two. And Birdy is HOT. The classmates's group add a nice touch. They do not feel at all rushed or forced. Just natural classamates.

Overall, this show highly surprised me. If you love good stories along with great characters then this show is for you. I highly enjoyed it. If I'm going to watch second season? HELL YEAH.

Score: 4/5. A excellent premise slowed down by the rushed ending and lack of budget. I have really high expectations for the second season ( that I even ordered it).

Next! Tales of the Abyss and my actual review of Black Butler.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
8/10 overall

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SoulE Dec 13, 2011

I just finished season 1, I loved everything about the show besides the predictable ending.

AirCommodore Apr 19, 2011

The second season is much better. I'm tempted to order it myself :)