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Yo what's up people, my name Ivan Campos or you call me Civan3931 and I'm a curious person in this company, and I like to collect State Quarters 

My first Anime was a long time ago was Pokemon was the first Anime that I saw as a child, although I didn't know Pokemon at the early age so didn't Know Pokemon until 2012 that I watched Pokemon since.

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    Other Anime's that I like are Clannad, Kiss x Sis, High School DXD, To Love Ru, ect, Clannad is the most the important Anime Series that I ever saw that how the Series was based on the Visual Novel, and I like thouse Characters in Clannad Series, they are:

  Image result for tomoya okazaki gif 

 Tomoya Okazaki

Image result for nagisa furukawa gif

 Nagisa Furukawa

Image result for fuko ibuki gif 

Fuko Ibuki

Image result for kotomi ichinose gif

Kotomi Ichinose

Image result for kyou fujibayashi gif

 Kyou Fujibayashi

Image result for tomoyo sakagami gif

 Tomoyo Sakagami

Image result for youhei sunohara gif

Youhei Sunohara

Image result for ryou fujibayashi gif

Ryou Fujibayashi


Image result for ushio okazaki gif

Ushio Okazaki

All of the these characters from Clannad are as asolutely awsome in the Series and I like the story that takes places in two season of Clannad.

My life of Anime will awsome about having in this company that I want to be, as much I like about Anime, I alway want to explose on this site, and I want to.

The best about me is i want to learn more Anime and upcoming new Anime's coming up, And I want to prove it that i'm one serious person in this company, and I want respect the champ.


Image result for to love ru gifImage result for high school dxd gifImage result for kiss x sis gif

To Love Ru, Highschool DXD and Kiss x Sis

Any ways, I always be honor to helpful to follow me or leave a comment on my profile if you have any questions about, i'm here to ask about it.

As I alway said to me: El campeon esta aqui!!!

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Rogueburitto324 Jan 29, 2018

Ok i need help

EvaCVM Oct 24, 2017

Hello there!!!

I'm EVA.
I am a member of the WECO (Anime Planet's Welcoming Committee).
I'm here to wish you a nice day and GOOD luck using this web-site as your personal ANIME/MANGA list.

If you have any questions, just write me a msg, and I will try to help you!
Be free to ask me any type of questions...

P.S. HAVE FUN!!!