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First of all, holy hell, but does this manhwa look good. Probably one if the best looking fantasy/magic works out there right now. I think it's worth reading just because it's such an eye candy with great character designs and great fights with amazing visuals.

Secondly, I actually really liked the story. The manhwa takes some time to get really interesting and the tone of the story actually somewhat changes after the easy-going first chapters. Some other guy talked here how the novel source is probably trash and that the manhwa author does his best to correct that. Well, I haven't read the novel, but there certainly can be certain issues when it comes to the plot. Like, a couple of retcons here and there or plotlines seemingly changing out of nowhere. Then, there's a question of character development when you have a 4000 year old dude who had already peaked (but not really) all that time ago.

Well, for sure, the story can be hit or miss, but after reading the absolute banger that was the beginning of Season 2, I'm ready to close my eyes to a lot of stuff. I like that, while the antagonists are the gods (what else is new), this plotline isn't shoehorned and turns out to be really damn engaging. We get some great character work for the main villain and some other gods (without spoiling anything). Then we have some actually complicated and believable relations between other characters with some gray zone, interesting motives and interactions.

Obviously, the story revolves around the kinda OP main character. It strikes a nice balance between giving him power moments and throwing actually challenging fights at him. I think the power curve is great. The MC constantly gets stronger and the manhwa does a great job of showing off his power, but the whole thing doesn't skyrocket into absurdity. 

Then, I like that his struggles are actually pretty compelling story-wise. At first he comes off as your usual unbeatable OP alpha man with indomitable will and unlimited willpower. But as you get further into the story, you get to see his insecurities and realize that he's actually struggling quite a bit with a defeat he suffered in his previous life. It's nothing extra special, but I think the character work is good there.

Overall, I think it's an OK manhwa that got elated by the superb artwork at first, but has been getting only better ever since. Totally worth a read imo.

P.S. People here need to learn what isekai means, lol. Isekai is a type of story where somebody gets reincarnated from our world into another. This is not an isekai manhwa. The MC gets reincarnated into the same world, just 4000 years after his death.

8/10 story
9/10 art
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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