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Most of the characters are super loveable and fun, they all have their own distinct personalities and I love seeing them just do literally anything. I just don't like the ML


The light blue haired guy (on the COVER so it's not really a spoiler) is the ML and he's a complete bastard. Obsessive, possessive, rude, manipulative, abusive, CONSTANTLY harrasses the FL and follows her around and watches her every move and always knows what's going on with her (creepy as FUCK), also a kidnapper? (At least in the original story but you can't say that he isn't the same as his novel self because he hasn't really changed like at all so don't even try)

He just fucking sucks and I have to stare at his stupid face and read his stupid dialogue all the time because he's the ML and he's in every chapter.

There's another great guy that could be the ML (Lari's older brother) and it would be way cuter, they definitely have more chemistry and more in common than some abusive bastard. I don't remember if the ML had some kind of sad past but that's no justification for being trash so don't hit me with that "He's just broken! The FL can fix him" don't make me gag bro.

6/10 story
9/10 art
5/10 characters
5/10 overall

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Emma49136 Dec 10, 2021

I respect your opinion but.. when the part you said "don't hit me with that He's just broken! The FL can fix him" don't you think that the way you are thinking is too much. I meant even i know that the plot will be the FL come and fix him but the way you think he 'just' broken and the FL can fix him it just felt like you have never going through hardship. Can you imagine you have just broke up with someone you love and there some random people talking about you and say you just broke up later you will be fix with some another guy. 

Im sorry if you feel hurt by what im saying. I just felt that he is so pitiful he was called a monster because he just has some magic cursed it's not liked he cursed at people for amusement or bullying people. Even though is said all that, I still agrees with you that he shouldn't treat the FL that way but you also shouldn't just say just broken and be fix is like something really easy to do 

Im very sorry from the bottom of my heart 😞 😔 

Hope you forgive me 😔