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Hello everyone ^~^

Thanks for reading this right now. It's a pleasure for me since you're giving your time just to read this. Well, time is gold after all and speaking of time...

In watching Anime or reading Manga, time is important to us.

We couldn't watch/read if we don't have time. So the fact you (my fellow anime lover) is giving your time just to read this, is a lot of pleasure to me.


So, I'm Chrome Serafin. It's not my true name but i rather call myself like that. It's the name of my Main Character in one of my stories. Yes. One of my stories, you read it right.

I have many different stories that I'm writing right now since I'm planning to become an author in Japan someday.

I'm planning to become one, because I want to share my talent to everyone and also, writing story is the one that I enjoy the most. So to be an author is the one that i will not ever regret.

My main goal right now is to study Katakana, Hirigana, Kanji and to study the Japanese Grammar since it's the fundamental in becoming a Japanese Literature Author and after that, I will publish one or whatever how many it might be of my stories.

Drawing isn't my forte but, making stories is my strongest point and I'm confident of it.

So if any one of you wants my help, just leave a comment to me and I'll do my best to help you~~


Aside from myself let's jump to our favorite topic:

Anime and Manga.

In every genre, I'm all around.

Yup. I watch or read:




Slice of Life


Thriller & Horror


Or whatever else.

If you want to know, what my favorite genre is, i have two.

Slice of Life and Romantic Comedy

Slice of Life because it is the genre in which portays the random moments in an ordinary life of the characters. I love so much this genre because I'd learned a lot to the lives of the people who didn't exist in real life, it's rather ironic. I have an idea or guide now to what I will do or not, and to what choices I will make in this life of mine that I only live at once. One may become a 'master of life' if you try to watch this field, so I highly recommend it.

And my other favorite genre is Romantic Comedy. Our life is hard sometimes and so difficult to handle. To avoid this, I always watch Romantic Comedy genre for the laughs. I'm always amused to the twisted situation of the love life of the characters that I used to watch. So, you might say that I only liked this genre because it really helps me when I have a problems.

If you are reading this to this point; You now know my name, what I want to do in the future and basic informations to my hobby. I'm very flattered that you want to know myself that very much. Thank you and I hope that you and I could be friends someday.


Whoever you might be that is currently reading this, I'm sure that we have the same thoughts in our mind right now. And that is:

Life on anime

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Anime ratings

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391 total

Life on manga

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Manga ratings

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58 total

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Poiuw Dec 24, 2016

Merry Christmas! :)

Poiuw Aug 29, 2016

So you're into programming. I dont like that about programming when nothing is working after hours of trying. I have also a lot of breaks in watching anime, also school is aproaching now I wont have that much time now. And do not worry my memory isnt that bad. xD

I have watched probablystopped re:Zero at 10th episode, Iwill finish it soon. It s not bad, but I really dont  know whatis going on last episodes. I think that subura and Emilia isnt just a ship, they will be together and expecting just some promises to be together or something like that, since they want to continue manga other ends will be too ,revealing,. :) What will you start, or what have you finished by the time you read this. See you.

Poiuw Aug 18, 2016

I wonder how they will prolong to know their secrets, I would like to read it too, but I know I wont read it. xD Im starting new term soon, too.

Very inteligent chracters are usually liked the most, to tell the truth almost my whole list of favorite male characters are like this. I like especially character who think more steps into the future. Roy Mustang, Hei and Kaiki Deishu are my favorites.

Yeah MC is typical shounen protagonist and there is another typical character his childhood friend,though, she will also probably fight. But that main girl character Bluesy seems quite better and more original. It have issues, but I still like it to watch. 

Im not really against shoujo, but Orange I dont know, when I watch it felt like there is nothing going on.

Its an action game but there also VN passages, so this is the reason why is it so slow, that animation is also a lot like in game.

Im slacking now, I havent watch a single episode of ongoing anime for more than 3 weeks. :)

Poiuw Aug 7, 2016

No, Im really sorry that it took a lot of time to respond, wasnt here whole week. :)

Hmmmm I dont know about anime that was better as original manga, LN or VN. But some of them was good as original story. 

Really, it is very funny in clever way, so more its is more like seinen slice of life comedy. It have pretty complicated relationships which make it funny, but they still make easy to understand and also add a lot of morality. Kariu x Ohga is funny, usualy they made women denser than men. But also I wonder what will happen with Hishiro x Kaizaki in future. :P

Im so far satisfied with this season and anime in it. I just wish I havemore time to watch them. xD

Good tactician isnt that rare in anime, but I more like that main female character, so far okay anime.

Taboo Tattoo is really awesome in animation, honestly Ihavent seen such an animation action scenes, JC really surprisedmewith this. However Im not fan of the story, but I still like it to watch, also Bluesy is fine but that name is horible. :(

Orange is fine but quite slow for my taste if that is really drama also I dont feel that tension as in dramas should be. Not bad, but I miss there something, so maybe shoujo isnt for me. xD

Tales of Zestiria is a game, I think adventure action, so I think now there will be more fights as in past episodes, I wonder if this wont be just another anime with many characters and unbeatable MP.

Poiuw Jul 22, 2016

I think so, too. But in anime director s view is completetly different from creator s view. He can miss important details/ scenes that made that original work. Almost everytime I know the source of anime it really dont have that steam. Perfect example is Rewrite this season, it have the same author as Clannad and as VN it is even better ranked as Clannad(I can only agree with that since I played both), but Clannad anime was done by Kyoto Animation 4,4avg and Rewrite by 8-bit 3,3avg, example how can you f*ck possibly good anime. 

Except Souma I will watch every anime that you re watching. Here is my list. Really you should start RElife, for me its the best anime of this season and I doubt it will change.